Tuesday, 11 December 2007

I get knocked down, but I get up again

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Last night, at the last Parliament House session until 7 January, Amanda, Barbara, Bronwyn, Christopher, Ewen, Gary, me, Jodie, Joel, Kathy, Katie, Ken, Margaret, Maria, Mick, Neil, Peter, Rachelle and Yelena enjoyed 6x660 on 5 minutes in not too hot conditions. We found out that there are four more birthdays coming up soon: Roger, Katie, Barbara and Jodie, to make (at least) eight in the training group this month.

Sunday's Black Mountain Challenge (5k) result for the Speedygeese:
21. Richard Faulks M45 22:22
34. Emma Adams W35 24:35
39. Mick Horan M45 25:29
45. Roger Pilkington M45 26:20
51. Kelley Flood W45 26:38
55. David Webster M55 27:10
62. Amanda Walker W40 28:11
80. Geoff Barker M60 29:40
85. Rachelle Ellis-Brownlee W35 30:02
92. Mick Charlton M55 31:09

Note Emma's brilliant run. Note the age-group next to Amanda's name.

Friend-of-the-geese Scott McTaggart won the race outright by a minute in 18.07. Good luck Scott in the Steeplechase event at Zatopek. The ACT M30 3000m steeple record is 10.17. Ha ha. The Australian record is 10.05. Bye bye Australian record. It will be sss-mashed. I should add that many of the M30 records are very soft, compared with the older age groups. Scott will start changing that.

Track program this Thursday night at Vets
6.00 1500m Walk (PH)
6.15 Sprint Hurdles (B)
6.25 3000m (GM)
6.45 60m
7.00 1500m
7.30 400m
7.50 4x100m Relay, 2x200m Relay
8.00 Spiral 8

Photogenic Mick, "Smiling".

At Honeysuckle Creek. You wouldn't know, except by the look on the faces in the background, he'd got down on his face after finishing the deep space race, them sprang back up again before our very speedy photographer John Kennedy could snap him in the dirt.

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  1. Mick could have kept going but chose to obey the sign.