Monday, 8 October 2007

Silver Goose

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Monday Monitor
My training progress

last week's target: 70k
achieved: 70k
year total to date: 3,117k in 40 weeks
this week’s target: 90k
weight: who knows? Let's call it 65.5kg & steady.
song of the week: “Broken”, by Lifehouse, from "Who We Are".
"I might try to be guarded, but I'm an open book instead".

Indeed. Freedom is having nothing to hide.

Race Result
It went exactly as planned.
M55 5000m 20:04.08.
(3k split 11.57 - yay!)

I trotted the 5k at a steady 4 mins per km, no ill effects, no injuries, not tired. I won't say where I came, but four of the M55s who beat me were precisely 55 years old, and the other one was 57, so I was out-aged rather than out-classed. What was particularly interesting was, the race was a combined M55/M60 event and only one M60 finished in front of me, and that was an ex-Canberran now living in Adelaide, Liam Hanna. So bring on my 60th birthday next May.

There was one other goose, competing for the first time today as well. Although a speedy goose, she calls herself a slow goose; but a goose from the land of the silver fern is rarely slow. Appropriately she won silver today. So at least one old goose is in the medals.
W55 5000m Barbara Tucker 25.44.24 (silver)
(3k split 15.00)

Barbara, like me, will also be competing in the 8kCC on Wednesday, and in the Half Marathon on Sunday. Also Barbara and Mark, and Jenny and I, and my mum, are having a little outing in the Barossa on Thursday. (For the uninitiated, that is winery country). Yay again.

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  1. That's good Geoff! Looks like KT might be out of a job pacing me to a sub-12 3k ;) Have a good CC and Half.

    Go Barbara! A pity about the All Blacks.

    A huge crowd at training tonight - 20 or more. I hope Ken remembers them all.