Wednesday, 10 October 2007

I am running hot

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, October 10, 2007 with 1 comment
At 6am today it was already 21 degrees; 7am 22; later in the morning 29. And that, together with a stiff north to northeasterly breeze, made running fairly difficult for the 8k cross country. I didn't suffer at all in the conditions but others did. In fact I enjoyed it. Barb and I both ran 4th in our age groups. Four laps of two km on a very nice little course. Barb's race was before mine: after she has completed one of her laps, I yelled out "go you speedy goose" and the commentator said "that's Barbara Tucker, the speedy goose" and apparently repeated the information on the next lap as well. A good day; I totalled 24k including warmup and cooldown watching other races; and have high hopes still for Sunday's half marathon.

Several of the women runners lapped Barb in her race, but NO-ONE GOT WITHIN COO-EE OF LAPPING ME in the younger men's race, not even Grenville Wood.

Thursday Training
Because track at the AIS has been postponed, Thursday training will conclude at Dickson a week later than advertised: the last evening will be 18 October. I will be back for that training session. And look forward to catching up with everyone before track season starts in earnest, presumably on the 25th. And don't forget to tell me if you are coming to the group dinner on the 22nd; there has been quite a good response so far.

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  1. The 22nd... yes, I should be there. Remind me about it!

    Stop crowing about not getting lapped - Grenville was just lacking a bit of power.