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"..committed to running 3% further each year through to 1916."

Thursday night Speedy Geese Track Results
NameTimeAge %
M45 Colin Farlow10:36.9076.5%
W50 Kathy Southgate10:54.2291.0
M45 Richard Faulks11:17.7873.0
M45 John Morton11:39.3171.4
M50 Ken White11:40.3474.2
W40 Katie Forestier11:58.2673.7
M45 Mick Horan12:51.3664.2
W30 Jeni Greenland13:03.7764.4
M55 Geoff Moore13:27.2267.2
M30 Adam Robinson13:36.9654.7
M45 Roger Pilkington14:21.5857.5
W65 Caroline Campbell14:42.3782.4
W55 Barbara Tucker15:11.6571.8
W60 Margaret McSpadden15:52.7870.7

NameTimeAge %
M45 John Morton2:16.8284.3%
M50 Ken White2:30.6579.8
W40 Katie Forestier2:53.3167.8
M55 Geoff Moore3:04.1868.0
M30 Adam Robinson3:17.1351.3

spiral 4
5W65 Caroline Campbell7:59-
6M45 John Morton6:0647
7M45 Roger Pilkington7:2646
8M55 Geoff Moore6:3645
9W40 Katie Forestier6:3944
14M50 Ken White6:3540
17W55 Kathy Sims8:0837

Sunday’s run
The organiser is looking for a few more helpers to be marshals. Call Lorraine on 0401 143 193 if you can assist. Course start is Purdie St Bruce, see yesterday's post for the course map.

Remember that daylight saving starts this Sunday. Turn your clocks and watches FORWARD one hour on Saturday night and don’t be late for Sunday’s run! But don’t be like the couple I spoke to last year, when the husband and wife independently reset their clocks, and ended up arriving at the handicap race an hour early!

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  1. For those who wish to know, the Spiral 4 distance is 1645.62 metres