Thursday, 28 June 2007

Seventy years young.

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We were to have a 2k time trial at Dickson tonight but continuing rain has closed all ACT Sportsgrounds. Plan B is to have the time trial next Thursday. I won't go out to Dickson tonight as I am still unable to jog and was only going there to hold the watch.

Next week I am in Sydney for both the Monday and Thursday training sessions and will get someone else to organise them for me.

Meanwhile here is another fine photo from this Month's Vetrunner magazine, which is available for download at

W70 4x800m World Relay Record

The ACT team which broke the world record, consisting of Cory Collins, Consie Larmour, Anne Young and Alison Ide

Daylight Saving
I heard today that daylight saving will be extended next year. SA, TAS, VIC, NSW and the ACT are moving to six full months of daylight saving. This year it will commence at the end of October as usual, but in 2008 it will end on Sunday 6 April, and resume on Sunday 5 October. That is great news for our Thursday night track meets in October!

I am not sure we will even have track meets in October this year though. I heard that the Italian contractors laying the new track at Bruce, which was to have been ready in July, have gone home. Apparently the weather was unsuitable for the work and they have other contracts to fulfil. Fancy the middle of winter in Canberra not being ideal weather! I am also not sure what to do about about my plans to hold time trials at Bruce leading up to Riccione. With Bruce unavailable, the closest synthetic track is Campbelltown, Sydney! And to think people believe Australia has good sporting facilities.

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  1. And maybe, just maybe, SE Qld will have it by the summer of 2008. Fingers crossed. I reckon the non-believers should at least give it a try.