Wednesday, 20 June 2007

How I Hurt the Hammie

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, June 20, 2007 with 4 comments
I shouldn't have raced on Anzac Day. It was only ten days after the marathon; I had run a reasonable time the day before at the BBQ Stakes, and when I got to the relay venue, I found out that I hadn't been included in the Life Members relay team although I had let them know I was available. But then I talked my way into being given a place in the team, not without resistance despite others running more than once. I should have shut up and gone home! The run was reasonably fast, but seemingly without problems, that is until I tried to pass the baton to the next runner. She (Beryl) took off too early, perhaps thinking me to be faster than I was. I stretched forward to get the baton into her hand, and "ouch"! A twinge at the top of the left hamstring. Only after feeling a bit sore there while trying to train later did I realise there was some damage. What followed was a slow BBQ Stakes and a slower Half Marathon, and the pain has seemed worse each day. Finally I got some professional advice; yes a tear, and no mustn't run. It is still sore now, so mustn't run!

Moral: Don't race two days straight. And avoid relays at all costs!

The plan is to resume running tomorrow, even if it means breaking my runs up into small components...

A riddle
Q: What is silver and hurts when it gets in your eye?
A: An airplane!


  1. There's never a good time to be injured. But some times are better than others like now when the weather is crap.

    PS Would your 'moral' wouldn't rule out the annual 3day 500k road relay up here because you race a couple of times a day for THREE days, not two ;-)

  2. Excuse my bad proofreading. There's an extra word in there somewhere.

  3. I would do not worry about that if I were you, I do it all the time

  4. Tesso, I would rule out a superfluous wouldn't.

    Geoff, I like morals. I'll avoid putting my hand up for the record breaking 4 x 1500m relay team at all costs!