Friday, 15 June 2007

Freezing Friday

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, June 15, 2007 with 2 comments
Thursday training
I don't know if anyone ventured out last night; it was trying to snow here; Dickson oval's elevation is close to 600m and the snow East of Canberra was down to 600m yesterday, so when the weather closed here in Holt (my home is also 600m) at 5pm, I decided not to venture out and head East to the track. In any case, I am recovering from injury, so I would have been standing/walking/freezing and not running.

A game
If you are enjoying the games, here is another: a superior series of logic puzzles. logic puzzles part one. These are click/drag/type puzzles. That is, to solve them, you need to do some clicking, some dragging, and some typing.

Synchronised starting

Click to enlarge. This photo just cries out for a humorous caption... any suggestions?

Footnote: The photo shows Carol Baird (ultra champion) and Griffin (simply a champion) seeing off two of the backmarkers in the Frylink (short distance) monthly ACTVAC handicap - John Lamb (better known as a middle distance track runner) and Katie. From one group back I managed to chase down John in that run, but couldn't quite catch Katie.


  1. Hey, you're waering my shoes.

  2. 'I'd better time myself. These ultra runners are so slow at stopping the watch'.

    Hey Geoff, I was out there on Thursday (at Calwell). Was tempted by the thought of the PH carpark. Anyway, being injured, you have a legitimate excuse.