Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Thumbs Up

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, March 28, 2007 with 5 comments
Quote of the day: "Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night." - William Blake

Thursday night: final track night for 2006-07. Last chance for a pb.
6.00 2000m turkey handicap
6.15 60m
6.30 800m walk
6.45 long jump
7.00 800m, shot/discus
7.30 200m, shot/discus, triple jump, 5000m championship
8.00 Supper and end of season presentations

Helen and I, from the April Vetrunner, now available online. Today is BBQ Stakes day. Both Helen and I finished Saturday's 32k shakily, and we still plan to run the Stakes today, but a pb is out of the question. For the record, here's our recent progress:

date ... Helen .. Me
03/01/07 ........ 33 25:46
10/01/07 48 28:57
17/01/07 49 29:26 34 28:25
24/01/07 50 28:14 35 25:58
31/01/07 ........ 36 29:11
07/02/07 51 28:23 37 24:47**
14/02/07 52 26:31
21/02/07 53 26:46
28/02/07 54 26:30 38 25:02
07/03/07 55 26:18**
14/03/07 56 30:33 39 28:58
21/03/07 57 27:45 40 26:05


The first Wednesday of the month the course is run in reverse, which is supposed to be harder; but both of us have run our pbs that way. Personally I prefer the reverse course with its steeper start and nice long run down to the finish.

[update (in response to Tesso's comment) - today's BBQ result

date ... Helen .. Me
28/03/07 58 26:54 41 25:15

We both ran much quicker than we expected. Which is a great confidence booster!

Unfortunately Helen may be well ahead of us in the marathon: she won't be running all of it, she may just run half! She is playing at a concert that afternoon and has decided a full marathon would be a serious mistake.]


  1. Is Helen doing Canberra as well? She may be on your tail the whole way :-)

  2. Nice work for Helen and you at the BBQ stakes Geoff. Helen's had a great season, and you have played a large part in that.

    Alas, it has not been a good track season for me as I have mostly stayed clear of the thing out of injury concerns.

  3. What a shame Helen can't do the lot. Then again I only ran half or so of it last year (went in injured and that's all I intended to do) and it sure was worth it just to soak up the atmosphere.

  4. Geoff, I agree with you. Defending that No 6 is a real tough job. I find the age-equivalient tables very motivating. I "only" need to do 3:18 this year to equal my 1985 Pb. For you it looks like a time of sub 2:57 would get you there.

    Are you flying north for the winter this year?

  5. Yep, we're planning two weeks in sunny Brisbane in May/June to see the grandchildren and to knock a few more minutes of the half marathon time at Doomben - 86 mins is realistic at this stage. And maybe an M55 category win depending on who shows, birthdays etc.