Saturday, 17 March 2007

Middle of Nowhere

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Here is a cool game/time waster: Big Red Button. The average runner will be persistent/stubborn enough to see it through, I know you will.

Our Thursday night results
M45 Amalendu Edelsten 10:23
M50 Ken White 11:44
M55 Neil Boden 13:14
M65 Tony Booth 13:42
W40 Katie Forestier 11:52
W55 Kathy Sims 13:29

All 4x800m relay times
M45 Mick Horan, Colin Farlow, Amalendu Edelsten, Rod Lynch 9:07.59, new ACT & Aust record (old record 9:23.77)
M50 Phil White, Ken White, Neville Madden, Gary Bowen 9:53.67, new ACT record (old record 11:26.14)
M45 (B) Bryce Anderson , Ian Bradfield, Nick Mesher, Dale Moore 9:59.31
mixed James Savill, Andrew Cheffers, Peter Cullen, John Parker 11:00.90
M55 Mick Saunders, Neil Boden, John Lamb, Jim White 11:13.71
M65 Tony Booth, Michael Roche, Bryan Thomas, Richard Hilhorst 12:32.94, est ACT record
M70 Ray Bramwell, Bill Egan, Michael Freer, Bob Chapman 13:51.08, est ACT record
W70 Anne Young, Alison Ide, Consie Larmour, Cory Collins 16:43.22, est ACT & Aust record

Our 4x800m relay splits
M45 Mick Horan 2:10
M45 Colin Farlow 2:17
M45 Amalendu Edelsten 2:19
M45 Rod Lynch 2:23
M50 Phil White 2:26
M50 Ken White 2:28
M50 Gary Bowen 2:29
M55 Neil Boden 2:55
M65 Tony Booth 2:56
M75 Michael Freer 3:41

From Ken Eynon: A reminder that entries for the Women and Girls 5k Fun Run can be lodged online at or a hardcopy downloaded and posted. Entry forms are also available at the Canberra Runners Shop and at all ACT Cross Country Club (ACTCCC) runs. The 5k starts at 9am in Commonwealth Park on Sunday 1st April. All female runners and walkers are encouraged to enter this great event now in it's 21st year and where possible make a taxable donation to the Race Charity a very worthwhile local charity.

The ACTCCC, which is a not for profit organisation, would greatly appreciate any assistance or help on the day by those unable to participate. If you can spare a small amount of time on Sunday 1 April to help please advise me and I will pass your details to Robyn McClelland, the Race Director.

Today at training: more anaerobic work, 12 x 100m with 50m or less jog between. A nice short fast session to stimulate the muscles without fatiguing the brain! Shisei, Katie, Amanda, Colin and Ken enjoyed the morning. And it was great to see the rain, yesterday morning as well.

"Well according to the Global Positioning System we are exactly in the middle of nowhere."

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