Friday, 9 March 2007


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quote of the day: "He who has no imagination has no wings." - Muhammad Ali

Thursday report.
Some good performances at track last night, Kevin Chamberlain ran 5:28 in the mile, taking ten seconds off Keith Perroux's M60 record in the process. Katie broke 6 minutes for the mile for the first time. Colin in a valiant effort to move into second place in the Moore series, ran his fastest 3k of the season. Sadly for him, I also ran my fastest 3k of the season, and stay second, relegating Colin to third. 11:17 is my fastest time since 17 November 2004 when I ran 11:13 in a Pennington race; with an M55 pb on 03 November 2004 of 11:10, and an M50 best of 11:12, I am not far off "success".

Blog visitors
I am averaging 40 to 45 readers a day, quite good! It always interests me why and how visitors find this blog. I keep getting a lot of people visiting to read the Nic Bideau articles about Craig Mottram (linked from the side bar). Also many come in via the text of some quotes, or via song lyrics, mostly "I see the light surrounding you. So don't be afraid of something new!" and recently "Even if you cannot hear my voice, I'll be right beside you" (Tuesday's post title). Or artists; Coldplay and Switchfoot references have resulted in many visits, and recently a flood of "The Smashing Pumpkins" fans who may have been wondering why they came.

Then there are the people searching simply for information on training; "how to train for the 400m hurdles", or "Principles of training 5000m" two recent search texts. Others want to read about individual runners; the last couple of days have seen searches for "Peter Sandery", "Kathy Southgate", "Lisa Corrigan", and "Mick Horan" (twice!). Sorry Ewen, no searches for you, yet.

Recently a popular search, a dozen visits, has been for "Winning Women", a post title on 10 February. Makes you think; to get more readers, one could make more use of words or phrases people search on; "Goulburn water". "Grassby statue"; "Road Rage", etc, but not too popular or they would never find one in the crowd.

But I would never do that.

Oh, I just did.

Weston Creek Half Marathon
The team v individual challenge is hotting up, with speedy geese half marathoners Maria, Helen, Charlie and myself all in top form, and the relay runners Amanda, Katie and Ken also in top form. I now plan to run 4:10 per km for the first 16km then 4:30 per km for the last five. But should any of the afore-mentioned be around abouts, it will be my incentive to go just that little bit quicker.

Fly Goose Fly!


  1. oooh , that's a bit spooky Geoff. Some one out there is looking for my name on the web.

    Good news, my hammie is feeling good again now. Ran 10k yesterday without any pain.

    Hopefully I can get back in time to do a 1500m & the 5000 Champs now.

  2. Good luck on Sunday Speedygeoff. And good luck to the rest of the team.

    Keep an eye out for our boy Langy (CR RITH) who's made the journey down from Brissie for this one.