Saturday, 17 February 2007

You knooooow, what I liiike!

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running quote of the day: "The best way to succeed in this world is to act on the advice you give to others"

I feel real loose, like a "red faced" goose .. because, oops I won the Adler handicap this week. And in the 3000m I ran 11:23, not 11:25.. my priority being to sprint through the finish line, rather than hitting the stop watch.

Watching the BBQ Stakes (as timer) on Wednesday was interesting, every single finisher (except speedyHelen) slowed up before they reached the line. Some were even walking as they crossed the line. And it's a downhill finish! So now I know why the person handing out place cards always stands so close to the line. I always miss him/her and have to backtrack to get my place card.

Runners: finish strong! Run PAST the finish line before you even THINK about decelerating!

Unless of course, you are deliberately slowing, as some might in a handicap race. Colin in Thursday's spiral did an "un-lunge" so he would finish behind Dale. It would have looked even funnier if Dale had tried to finish behind Colin at the same time! someone just behind you?

Vets track results, Thursday 15 Feb
M45 Rod Lynch 10:45.92
M55 Geoff Moore 11:23.91
M55 Geoff Sims 13:03.36
M60 Alan Duus 13:16.36
W45 Helen Larmour 12:03.40 pb
W55 Kathy Sims 13:19.89

Spiral 6
5 Geoff Moore M55 10:06 – first on handicap!! oops.
6 Kathy Sims W55 11:25
9 Neil Boden M55 10:44
11 Roger Pilkington M45 09:27
13 Colin Farlow M45 09:55 - complete with un-lunge
14 Ewen Thompson M45 14:40
15 Ken White M50 10:16
19 Katie Forestier W40 10:04
20 Amanda Walker W35 10:21
23 Ruth Baussmann W55 12:28
24 Margaret McSpadden W55 12:43
30 Tony Booth M65 11:32
32 Kevin Chamberlain M60 10:21
35 Gary Bowen M45 10:45

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  1. footnote! My last season's best 3000m was 11:23.31 (and run under better conditions) so I am nearly there! Now for the 10k. For which I will ease off.