Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Much less here than meets the eye

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, February 21, 2007 with 6 comments
Newspaper headline: Police Begin Campaign To Run Down Jaywalkers

Speedygeese in the summer series race 3 Lake Ginninderra 7.1k
7. Cathy Newman W45 31:40
24. Margaret McSpadden W60 39:41

18. Richard Faulks M45 28:01
27. Mick Horan M45 29:26
31. David Webster M55 29:49
41. Roger Pilkington M45 31:29
58. Neil Boden M55 37:27
61. Mick Charlton M55 38:11

background blur
A very fast marathon runner

From "Canberra Marathon news"
We have never succumbed to the well worn euphemism of "international" but each year we attract a growing number of runners from around the world. Not only do these runners enter the race, they become friends over the email and part of the Canberra Marathon group of friendly runners. 2007 is no different and we welcome runners from many countries.... USA (hi Lenny!), Canada, Estonia (g'day Eero!), Indonesia, Germany (welcome Monika & friends), Poland (cheers Tomasz), Singapore, UK and a big welcome to our group of 16 athletes travelling from Taiwan (good on'ya Dale). We welcome you all to Canberra and wish you well for safe travel to Australia in April.

1. I had a day off yesterday because I realised that I had not had a day off running this year and it used to be my practice to have a day off most weeks. The only other reason was to rest up for Thursday's 10k, but I will do yesterday's run today and today's tomorrow morning. Then attempt 95s. Even in the 7:30pm heat.

2. ACTVAC track events this Thursday include
6:00pm 2000m
7:00pm 800m
7:30pm 10000m CHAMPIONSHIPS
7:45pm 300m
8:00pm 4 x 100m relay

3. I had a massage on Monday. My worst fears were realised when the masseur said I was OK to continue to train for the marathon.

our marathon course with each km marked.
click to see detail.


  1. Great pic Speedygeoff - the map of Canberra Marathon that is, not the one of that runner ;-) I think in that shot the background is moving faster than she is.

    I hadn't noticed that blurb on the Canberra site about the international runners. A Tiawanese guy called Dale used to train and race and socialise with us up here, and he used to organise group travel to overseas marathons. He ran his 100th in about 2002 or 2003 and shortly after just disappeared without a trace! I wonder if that is the Dale they are talking about bringing the 16 runners here.

  2. Hi Tessooooo. Dale is not on today's entrant list but a heap of TAI runners are; Dale could be among them with a Taiwanese name. They seem to be mostly in the 50k as well as the marathon, so Dale must be a good salesman.

    "That runner" has nice muscle tone, heh?

    The map of (the) course was "acquired" from a runner who ran in 06; but coincidentally the time shown is exactly the time I am going to run in 07! The worry is, Mr Garmin shows the distance a bit long. My body stops dead at 42.195.

  3. And here you are making me feel guilty about eating so much over Chinese New Year! Oh dear I think I should probably jump less and run more. Your last paragraph gets funnier and funnier every time I read it. I see Singapore! But no names :( Oh well. The course looks intimidating, I wonder if the satellites are inspired too.

  4. Hi Karmin. Yes I too laugh every time I read the last paragraph. I always laugh at my own jokes (loudest if I think no-one else has got the joke. yet.)
    The Singaporean in the entry list (at is one Adam Weaver, a 38yo with a pb of 3:43:00 set in 2004. Could be an ex-Aussie. Maybe.
    The course is flattish. Or half of it is. April is cool (you would say freezing). And NO POLLUTION! In Australia, only the Gold Coast course is as good, but it can get too warm there.

  5. Tesso is right - it's amazing how fast you can make a runner look with a blurry background. She does have good form though.

  6. Hey Geoff I ran too, sort of...
    46 mins or so.