Sunday, 18 February 2007

Friends of the Geese

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quote of the day: “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

Congratulations to two Friends of the Geese, Martin Dent, and Sarah Salmon, on making the Australian Cross Country team for the World Championships to be held in Kenya. Martin is a “Customs Jogger”; Sarah has run with Vets and was the first Fun Run winner in “green shoes”, as well, she sold me my first pair of green shoes when she worked in the runner’s shop. Go Go (friends of the) Speedy Geese!

Australian team:
Men: Martin Dent, Michael Shelley, Collis Birmingham, Andrew Letherby, Liam Adams, David McNeil.
Women: Lisa-Jane Weightman, Kristy Villis, Anna Thompson, Victoria Mitchell (subject to fitness), Eloise Wellings (subject to fitness), Sarah Salmon (subject to eligibility status)
Junior Men: Ben Guest, Chris Hamer, Ben Ashkettle, Sam Crowther.
Junior Women: Lexy Gilmore, Rachel Green, Lara Tamsett, Lucy Starratt.

1. More race results: the official times for the Pennington 1500m last Thursday:
1 Colin Farlow M45 4:40 - wins the series with maximum points.
2 Kevin Chamberlain M60 5:12
4 Rod Lynch M45 4:58
5 Ken White M50 5:08
14 Katie Forestier W40 5:37
15 Helen Larmour W45 5:51
18 Neil Boden M55 6:08
19 Alan Duus M60 6:20
22 Amanda Walker W35 5:55
24 Ruth Baussmann W55 7:09
25 Margaret McSpadden W55 7:11

2. Saturday Track: Aki went in just about every event. The ones of interest are, 800m 2:53.1, and 5000m championships, first, 23:26.65. Southy ran 2:30.7 in the 800m, I think approximately equal to her W50 record.

3. Sat training “was fun”. We ran five of the following, on 5 minutes, of a 900m run consisting of: 50m sprint 50m jog + 100m sprint 50m jog + 150m sprint 50m jog, turning around & continuing with 150m sprint 50m jog + 100m sprint 50m jog + 50m sprint 50m jog.

Happy Birthday Margaret, 60 today


  1. Another ACT Track Champion! Congrats to Aki. I'm looking forward to next year's 10,000 when CJ returns to defend her title.

    Did anyone see if Southy's crouch start in the 200m sprint was better?

  2. So Colin doesn't have to run the last Pennington event on 22 March?

    But will he run anyway?

  3. Happy Birthday Margaret.

    The Baton's Vanished through a sleight of hand though !!!