Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Cats, dogs and geese

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, February 27, 2007 with 8 comments
"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." - Bill Cosby

With rain comes the rainbow.
At the end of the rainbow is a...
For "pot of gold" read "port-a-potty"

It rained all night and it is still raining. Good weather for geese.
Last night we trained north of Parliament House, down by the lake at Reconciliation Place. I said sorry to all those with beards. There is a pair of grassy slopes that looks like it is modelled on a skate board rink, that's where we trained. By the end of the session we would have run up thirty times and down thirty times. It was fun, and it was steep but probably an easier session than we usually do.

1. This week I am the proud owner of a 150 Vets Handicaps t-shirt

2. Charmaine the person behind our new ACTVAC membership cards was at training last night. Everyone says the cards look fantastic! Shisei turned up late and couldn't find us; probably a good thing as he is recovering from calf injuries brought on by doing too much too soon. James turned up on time but couldn't find any running shoes in his bag, so missed out.

3. My friend Bill Egan (ten Thredbo marathons) is 70 today. Happy Birthday Bill! I see that everyone's friend Rob de Castella is fifty today. That means Deek was born on Bill's twentieth birthday. Another friend Scott McTaggart (Mountain Running champion) turned thirty yesterday. He asks "what's a spiral"? I had to tell him there were no official records for our spiral runs. If he does join us, and there is every indication he will, there go all the M30 records. It will be great to see.


  1. Sometimes in my blog no comment text appears in-line, although we are told how many comments there are. It seems intermittent. I wonder what is happening? This is a test comment.

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  2. The word verification seems to be working though Geoff...


  3. It also takes absolutely ages to get into your blog - much longer than anyone else's. Sometimes it appears not to be opening at all but eventually it does. Not sure if others have this problem accessing your blog! Good session last night (I think)! Oh and Word Verification appears for me.

  4. Word verification is back, and comments still not showing.

    It only takes a couple of seconds to load for me, even when I empty temporary files etc first and it has to reload everything.

    Has it been slow the last few days, weeks? Since I put the clock in? Since beta? Forever?

    My first guess is the fancy comment stuff. I will remove it when I have time (not today! not tomorrow!) and see what happens.

  5. but it is working again now, why?

  6. Throw momma from the train comment was me, but it wouldn't let me sign in!
    Just in case it does that again... it's Mon :o)

    Aaaarrrgghh... still doing it. Maybe I've remembered my password wrong!

  7. Always an intersting read about your comings and goings around Canberra. I hope your prepartions for Canberra are going well. You seem to have been steady in the k's since the start of the year.

    Thanks for your comments on my Blogg. I am suprised you take the time to read mine - but thanks.

    See you at the start line.