Wednesday, 11 January 2006

Time To Run

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, January 11, 2006 with 6 comments

I must say it is difficult to get out there and run when it is 36.4 degrees at 5pm, as it was yesterday.

(For international readers, we are talking Celsius, not Fahrenheit here)!

But our 10k training and marathon training programs dictated 10km to 11km of running for Griffin, Strewth and me, and we didn't want to have to catch up later in the week.

(By the way it is interesting to see who reads this blog. The readership is up to 50 per day now, and I can drill back via my Site Meter to see where many of you have come from. With that in mind, I hope what I have to say is inspiring, encouraging and helpful, if not entertaining as well)

So we cancelled the speed part but still ran the distance.

Not that we have to run every day - I could easily sleep on or stay in but, well, I try and summon up the discipline to get out every day, and each time it helps to make it easier next time.

No I don't have any real health problems, it is just that this is my 45th year of belonging to athletic clubs and competing very frequently, and it gets harder to motivate myself. The best way I have found is to arrange to meet other people for training.

I used to like that Nike slogan - but in this heat I am not so sure....


  1. Yes Geoff your Blog is very Inspiring, entertaining and helpful.
    Keep up the great post's, I centainly enjoy the reading!

  2. Thanks go_girl, and you will make the trip down sometime?

    When you first commented here (around last July), the local readers were most impressed by the running girl, thinking I was somehow responsible for it ...

  3. Geoff, I will coming to Canberra for the 10km run the day before the Canberra Marathon. (I'm saving myself for the Gold Coast this year as my Marathon debut, scary stuff!)

    My plan is to catch up with some of the local CR'S and Bloggers and also to support all of the CR's in the Marathon. I would really like to meet you if you are going to be there!

  4. Yes that's plan A - be at the expo, watch the 10k, pace the marathon 4 hr group. See you there.

  5. speedygeoff,

    Love the cartoons, memories of the run up on North Lyneham Ridge yesterday evening.

    Just come off a 10kM run on the treadmill, wanted to do 15kM but not enough time left on my schedule.

    Gotta go, see you tomorrow at the track !

    Yours in Running Writing


  6. GG will run an awesome 10k Geoff.

    No, we don't have to run every day. I find it easier though if I plan to run every day... that way I don't have to think about not running. Of course, there will be days when I can't run but I try not to feel guilty about it!

    I think all people who run on treadmills should have that cartoon! Treadmills are evil things!