Saturday, 7 January 2006

Jenny's farewell

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, January 07, 2006 with 4 comments
Langton Gone But Not Long Forgotten.
Jen Langton failed to survive the 2005 Castaway Voting and is off to Brisbane for the duration. This was a good excuse for a feast at Two Sisters, Dickson. Everyone wore their cheesiest grins for the photo shoot. Jen says, "I'll be back!"

We will see you Jenny at the Gold Coast Half Marathon - it's a date - if not before.

Customary Customs Cast

I cast off all pretensions of speed and struggled through Friday's Customs 5k race in about 21.48 this week. This weekly race has been a regular addition to my program recently as it gives me a chance to run a flat fast 5k course when completely exhausted from a week of hard running and from Thursday night's excesses. The usual gang was there; Bob Harlow looking for a race-off with me (I send him on his way as usual), his good flash lady making a good target to run down towards the end of the course - up the hill, huff and puff, and then young Thea in a good mood after all when she ends up winning this week's race and taking the prize money, and me pleased to see that such a nice person has finally won.

Thursday's Track Substitute.

All this was after our excessive Thursday of substituting track races with a session comprising 800 + 400 + 800 + 400 + 800 for each runner in relay teams of two, so no rest for the wickedly fast. Ken was the only one of ten who faded really badly but he returned to top form later that evening at Jen's farewell as he assumed the role of official photographer. Great recovery, Ken! I fear, though, that he has learned Ewen's trick of how to avoid being in Team Moore photos - be the one who takes them. Regardless, thanks Ken. Bye Jen.


  1. Great night out Guys and Gals...

    Big thanks to Maria for arranging the 'farewell'.

    We miss you already Jenny!

    Gary GRIFFIN Bowen

  2. Great Pics Ken, notice how many bottles of wine there are on the table, healthy team of joggers that lot!!

  3. Chinup Charlie09 January, 2006

    What a great night!
    We will miss you Jen.

  4. And your high jump was going so well Jen!