Tuesday, 3 January 2006

Grass Seeds and Tiny Bugs

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, January 03, 2006 with 7 comments
Grass Seeds
The hot weather here has dried everything out, and removing grass seeds from socks and shoes has become a popular activity after each training run.

Tiny Bugs
The hot weather has also brought a plague of tiny bugs which like to gather around my bedlamp at night, waiting for me to switch it off so they can spread out and invade nose, ears etc. Little clouds of them greet us on our runs.

How We Trained
Fortunately Parliament House featured neither grass seeds nor tiny bugs last night, as thirteen of us ran three intervals of just under a kilometre with a good break in between. The little oval we met on has shower as well as toilet facilities, I discovered last night. Very handy for cooling down between intervals.

Welcome to our training group, Karen.

For the next few Mondays we will do similar longish intervals. There is a sprinters' option too - shorter intervals, longer recovery.


  1. 3 more dot points I notice...

    .I'm on to you...
    .Why would anyone run in the heat of the day?
    .Why would anyone run a marathon?

  2. 1. there will be no more 3 dot point messages today.
    2. you would run in the heat of the day to adapt to when you race in the heat of the day, e.g. the marathon.
    3. you would run a marathon when you need to warn the Athenians that the Persians are about to attack.

  3. .there will be more 3 dot point messages today.
    .only mad dogs and englishmen go out in the middle of the day according to Guilbert and Sullivan.
    .people run marathons to get to a finish line about 100 meters from the start of the damn thing.

  4. . That was a good session last night Geoff.

    . Because not running up steep hills is good for my dodgy achilles.

    . Who the esfj is esfj?!

  5. . are you testing the limits Ewen?

    . i couldn't possibly divulge privileged information

    . who the ewen is e.w.e.n?

  6. . I am loving the dot points

    . I am surprised that Ewen has no clue who I am???

    . I have given you so many hints along the way....but I'll never tell!

  7. esfj - isn't it obvious? Clearly an "energetic swan, fast jogger"