Thursday, 19 January 2006

Another W55 record falls

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, January 19, 2006 with 4 comments
They are pretty good these W55s - a very large slice was taken off the 4x400 record at track tonight.

A good run from Griffin too, but not as I expected in the four lap spiral. Instead Griffin blitzed the field in the B division of the 1500 in a new pb of 5:17. Only my 5:23 and Kevin Chamberlain's 5:30 were within coo-ee of that.

Many of the women are running excellent times. In the 4 x 400 relays I clocked Karen at 65, Maureen at 70, Charlie at 73 and Katie at 76. In the 1500s Katie ran 5:41, Kathy 5:50, Helen 5:53 and Charlie 5:57.

Colin led the way though with the fastest 1500 of the day, winning the quickest division with his aggressive front running.

And it was great to get a cool evening for a change!


  1. Now that was a good summary of the night Geoff - that was nice, I understood that......

    No really, Gary that was an amazing run out there on your own, well done, that 30km training does have its merits.

    And Geoff....I am so glad that I am not your target anymore (I was a pretty soft target - you blew me away), nice run for an old fella!!!

    Congratulations to those W55's they were very excited and rightly so.

  2. Geoff is easy to understand when he doesn't write in dot-points.

    A great PB Griffin - well done! I could just manage to see you way in the distance... watch out though, Geoff wasn't far behind.

    Katie, you are not my target, but sub-5:40 is, so watch out sub-5:40.

  3. ** I forgot to organise this post into three paragraphs. Gary is my new target.

    ** But never mind, three comments will have to do instead. Katie has to stay behind me next time, and she is allowed to out-sprint me.

    ** Did anyone notice the comments now follow the post? I have been playing. Ewen has to stay behind Katie. He is allowed to try and out-sprint both of us, but only if he breaks out of his race-walking stride pattern to pass us. Otherwise we will be highly embarrassed to be seen being passed by a race-walking high-jumper.

  4. *** Yes I noticed the new style of comments - not sure if I love it yet, still getting used to it

    *** Ewen, you are my new pacer so I am very pleased that your goal time for the 1500 is the same as mine - I will be very motivated to have a sprint with you regardless of the outcome :0)

    *** I love being told off by the coach.....just love it :0)and I will miss you all while I am boogie boarding at the beach - I promise!