Thursday, 18 August 2005

City To Surf results

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, August 18, 2005 with 3 comments
Team Moore results from the City to Surf.
David Webster 55.05
Richard Faulks 55.26
Bob Harlow 56.50
John Kennedy 61.31
Carolyne Kramar 64.17
Ewen Thompson 66.35
Charlie McCormack 68.47
John Stoney 68.49
Cathy Newman 69.03
Charmaine Knobel 71.56
Cathy Montalto 72.08
Annemarie Calnan 72.35
Thea Zimpel 74.40
Rae Palmer 74.46
Peter Hogan 75.11
Pamela Faulks 76.15
Roy Jones 77.11
Gabrielle Brown 77.46
Margaret McSpadden 80.42
Also of note
Ron Vines 61.45 (added because I am giving him some training advice)
Diana Schneider 82.45 (added because she reads my weblog!)
There may be names missing. Please inform me & I will update this post.
A good friend Scott McTaggart of Canberra was 6th in 42.45.

The City to Surf results have been posted at
Enter any name and if they finished it will come up with Time and Place.



    you can just do a search on first name...

  2. thanks - I have added Margaret to the list of results

  3. John Stoney18 August, 2005

    I owe you a big thanks for the recent training we've done......I went very lactic 1500m from the finish in the CIty2Surf but managed to hang on, mainly becuase of the training, and surprisingly improved on last years time - finished with 68.49.