Thursday, 30 June 2005

Dickson washed out again..

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, June 30, 2005 with 3 comments

rainy days

I can't find the correct website, but I am sure all the sporting fields will be closed again today owing to the downpour expected soon! And the fact that it has been raining all night and morning. Last week the ovals were closed and the lights stayed off. So we couldn't see to train and in any case the grass was too wet. Same again today.

I won't go out to Dickson, I will hit the gym instead.

And LATE NEWS - the "winner" of the Frylink has owned up to starting off the wrong group (why do they do that? and why accept the trophy afterwards?) so everyone moves up one place - which means Gary Bowen gets the bronze medal! Pity about the presentation and photograph. Still, Gary's run on Sunday was a genuine big improvement and third place is well deserved.


  1. Anonymous30 June, 2005

    Hi Geoff

    I checked and the grounds are all closed. There's a hotline you can ring - 6207 5957.



  2. How can something as big as an Oval be Closed.?

    Probably, as in Rained out cricket matches, they roll out the covers.

    Is that how they do it in Canberra.

    Friar. :-(

  3. Thanks Amanda, and now that the number is on the website I won't lose it!
    Mr Friar, welcome to my website, already a regular reader, you have written something as well! Incidentally, "solve a cold" is an anagram for "closed oval", assuming you are a cryptic crossword fan as well as a regular crossword fan. (But shouldn't you be trying sudokus now?)