Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Speedygeese training summary

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On Thursday 25 May at Parliament House, present were Dave, me, Isaac, Jen, Jennie, Nicole, Brownie, Rohan. The training session on a still and cold evening consisted of repetitions under lights – 4 x {400m (200 jog) + 200m} on 7 minutes.

Sunday 28 May at Stromlo Forest Park Andrew and I jogged around, both a little sore from racing.

Monday 29 May at Parliament House Ruth brought champagne, Christopher was walking, I was jogging. Running creative sets of 200s/400s were Isaac, Jen, Pieta and Ruth. As I recall one of the sets was first runner to 400m turns and keeps running hard until meets second runner who turns, they run together as second runner runs hard; etc until all runners come in together back at the start point. This will be interesting to watch when we get a few more runners.

Speedy starter Jill running the ACTVAC 4k at West Stromlo (21 May)


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