Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Speedygeese training summary (two weeks)

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On Thursday 11 May at Parliament House: Present were Colin, Dave, me, Giles, Jen, Jennie, Julia (new), Lisa, Nicole, Brownie, Pieta, Rohan and Sandeep. We ran lightpole sprints "2(2), 2(1), 3(2)".

On Saturday 13 May by Dave: "with some of us doing the Mothers Day Classic and others tied up on Sunday, Jen (19k), Sandeep (18k), Giles (16k), Susan (14k), and Warrick (14k) snuck in an unscheduled group run around Mount Ainslie ("Bush Capital" course). There were rumours that Jen got lost and Giles did a swan dive, but they turned out to be hearsay only, suspected to have originated from our Speedygeese misinformation (alternative facts) officer (guess who... and, no, it's not me). Jen was wondering if it was a coincidence that for once they didn't get lost on the one day I did not attend - of course it was a coincidence - what are you implying Jen? Even though there were no major incidents, it was reported by one of those in the field that "a couple of bearded hipsters on their fixed gear bikes heading for a morning kale shake in Braddon were spotted however". Thanks for being on the lookout Sandeep (and for the pics)."

Sunday 14 May at Stromlo Forest Park Sandeep and I ran, as I recall. I am a bit hazy, it was so long ago and a lot of water has flown under the bridge since then.

Monday 15 May at Parliament House I was on holidays and in attendance were Colin, Dave C, Giles, Jen, Jennie, Pieta and Sandeep. All completed the hill session, 20 reps on 90.

Thursday 18 May at Parliament House: Brendan, Colin, Giles, Isaac, Jen and Brownie all completed the scheduled session. Dave turned up late (even later than Jen!) but did the session (slowly). It was another variation on lightpole sprints. 2(2), 2(2), 1(1) + 2(2) + 3(3)
(i.e. for the third set sprint 1 jog 1 sprint 2 jog 2 sprint 3 jog 3 and repeat starting again at 1...)

Sunday 21 May at Stromlo Forest Park: Running on the grass were Andrew, Thomas, Jessica, Warrick and I.

Sunday 21 May was also the long run at the Cotter: Dave again "Today’s Speedygeese long run could only be described as completely different from every other run we’ve done so far. Jen, Sarah, Sandeep and I did a 23k at the Cotter (460m elevation, average pace 5.23 per km). Best scenery yet, most hills, deepest (and coldest) river crossing, greatest number of pics (over 100 all up, which probably explains why our 2 hour run took 3 hours), most surprised onlooker (probably more fun watching us than fishing), most interesting poses and props and backdrops, coldest start, most fog, and best fun. And the run was good too! I don’t know what else to say except I’m glad I was there. Also found out that “The Farmer’s Daughter” at Yarralumla makes the best omelettes in Canberra (and pretty good coffee). Thanks for the run – that would definitely qualify as a “fun run”."

Monday 24 May at Parliament House, still not enough attending for us to run relays so we ran more hills. 16 reps today. Present were Colin, Jen, Jennie (part), Peter Burke, Sandeep (part) and Susan, with me supervising after a hard day at the gym. Christopher was also seen at one late stage.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the world...

Dave B and Ruth.

For interest part of an email I received today from a Vets committee person (presumably unofficially): "Another query brought to my attention is your training group is on the Thursday track and field night is this an oversight is it possible to change nights." Part of my answer: "As far as Thursday training is concerned I don't advertise it for Vets and it takes no one away from track." Would anyone like to comment? I am certain I know who the complainant was and I had already talked to him about it.


  1. I agree, speedygeese training on Thursday does not take away anyone from track that wants to be track...

  2. I enjoy racing on the track, so no problem for me. Although I heard that track will cost $5 per night next season so will be more selective about the nights I race. Unless they decide to offer a Senior's Card discount!