Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Speedygeese training summary

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On Thursday 27 April at Parliament House: Sandeep and I ran a solid 8k early, then I supervised a session of {200, 300, 400, 300} jogging back each time and repeated indefinitely, all under west side lights. Running were Giles, Isaac, Jen, Jennie, Lisa (new), Brownie, Sandeep & Sarah. Beanies and gloves will be compulsory soon.
This Thursday I will be bringing appropriate liquid refreshment to celebrate my birthday after training.

Sunday 30 April at Stromlo Forest Park: Andrew and I ran 10k on the grass.

Sunday 30 April at O’Connor Ridge/Little Black Mountain [Dave’s writeup] A smaller (but not quite “intimate”) group of speedygeese for the weekly long run, with some runners at the monthly Vets Handicap (watching Ruth do her 150th handicap – seems to be a weekly thing now for Ruth to reach some milestone). Narelle and I started half an hour early and did a 6k warmup (supposed to be 5k but I got lost as usual). Seven of us kicked off at 8am. Jen had the map on her new wizz bang Fenix 5 Garmin watch – only problem is she must have had it on upside down because she took us the wrong way at the start so we did a 200m loop. Unfortunately that wasn’t the only time. Finally I’ve found a worse navigator than me. Actually it was, admittedly, a useful piece of technology given the number of forks and intersections on Little Black Mountain and O’Connor Ridge. Ewen set a cracking pace at the start, with me pulling up the rear after yesterday’s Queanbeyan parkrun (at least, that’s my excuse), then we swapped roles around 15k once I’d warmed up. Warrick did an out and back 10k, with a tumble on the way back. Jen, Ewen, Susan and Sandeep completed 16k, while I knocked out 23 and Narelle did a few extra to finish up with 26. Ewen had a fight with a rock and ended up inspecting wombat holes. He enjoyed it so much he had another go and took on a tree root, with the same outcome. Luckily no blood. Tried to get him to do it again for the camera, but no such luck. Carolyne and Richard met us for coffee at “2 before 10”. Ewen and Sandeep couldn’t resist the breakfast of champions. Thanks for the run and chat everyone.

Monday 1 May at Parliament House Ewen and I ran early; the main sessions consisted of 12 x 40 second sprints on 2 minutes. Participating were Colin, Dave, Ewen, me, Isaac, Jen, Jennie, Mick, Pieta and Sandeep. Afterward Dave shared a drink with us to celebrate his 59th birthday.
Next Monday I am inviting anyone who wishes to join us at the Yacht Club to can do so at 7:00pm after training to farewell Andy. Bistro meals are available and I will be handing out Caramello Koalas to a deserving few.

Mick and Ruth: medallists at Mt Majura. I didn't truncate the photo; someone else did that.


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