Friday, 10 August 2018

Day twenty and speedygeese training

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Day twenty goal: 60 minute gym circuit.
Day twenty actual: gym circuit achieved.

Day twenty goal: run 6k easy.
Day twenty actual: I ran a comfortable 6.4k around Lake G.

How nice was it running Sunday morning at Goorooyarroo?

This week’s speedygeese training sessions
Sunday 5 August: [Dave]: Just another Sunday morning and another 20km run for Speedygeese in 1 degree which, thanks to sunshine and no wind, felt more like 10 degrees. 22 geese met at The Knox in Watson Shops for an out and back course to Goorooyarroo.
With 400 metres vert, it was a bit of a struggle for us track runners, but we all made it in the end. 7 did the 14k short course and the rest of us did 18 to 22. 👏
No major dramas or incidents although I was a bit disappointed that Giles didn’t throw me over the fence as promised. Was very tempted to climb it, especially when I discovered it was electrified, but pulled out due to lack of interest. Would have been a real buzz (grand dad joke 😳)
Good to see some new people as well as the old (and young) stalwarts. 😃
Thach proudly planted the new Speedygeese flag outside the shops and surprisingly it was still there when we got back. 😝
Good luck to all those doing City to Surf next weekend. The long run will still be on. Check Speedygeese Facebook page for the event details. 🤓
Oh yeah, and of course we had coffee after.

[Edit: Candy ran 15k, four days before giving birth]

Monday 6 August at Parliament House: cold and wet didn’t deter nine of us attending training. We ran at 3 to 5 x 800m, with a 400m jog in between. Attending were Brownie, Ruth, Ewen, Deborah, Bernardo, Warrick, Isaac, Tom (new) and me.

Thursday 9 August at Parliament House: I jogged around while Isaac, Brownie, Dave, Jennie, Lisa and Ruth ran 6 x 400m intervals with 400m recoveries, on 5 minutes more or less.


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