Friday, 5 January 2018

recent speedygeese training

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Sunday 31 December speedygeese long run report [Dave]: What a great day for the last long run of 2017. With the temperature a little below 18 degrees, no wind and slight cloud cover, a gaggle of speedygeese met at 7am at the National Rock Garden by the arboretum. There were two expertly designed courses on offer (14k and 18.7k, which turned into 20k), with some minor variations available for those who wanted to add a trip or two up Dairy Farmers Hill for some extra vert.
Apart from interruptions by Jen and Mhairi during the run briefing (Mhairi had to stand in the naughty spot so I could keep an eye on her – she was in big trouble today 😜), it was an and enjoyable run with no injuries.
Both courses followed River Road track for the first 5 km then split. The 14k was basically a loop around the arboretum while the 20k crossed over the river and headed to John Gorton Drive then crossed back over the river and followed Pipe Flat, Boundary Road and River Road back to the start. Reportedly no one got lost on the 14k.
The 20k was a different story. After finding a major fenced off area, Giles and Brownie led us down a previously unknown trail that turned out to be a very pleasant discovery. In the end we weren’t that far off course, until Thach decided to go left near Pipe Flat instead of right and we had to turn back half way to Butter’s Bridge 😱. At the fence, Ruth and Jennie decided to go their own way and weren’t seen again until coffee time. Apparently they stuck to the route closer than the rest of us.
The 20k masters were Thach, Shuji, Brownie, Giles, me, Jason, Mike, Ruth and Jennie. Those who did the 14k were Geoff, Isaac, Jen, Bronwyn, Adrian, Mhairi, Ewen and David B. Jen added several km at the end of the 14.
Coffee was enjoyed afterwards at the arboretum village. The food wasn’t the best, but the view made up for this minor shortcoming.
Well done all. See you for the first speedygeese long run for 2018 (unless I see you at the double parkrun tomorrow first). 🤓

Thursday 04 January at Stromlo Forest Park was warm to start with but felt OKish later. The session was 4 x 1 minute quick runs mostly uphill, and a series of 100m stride/jogs. While Dom raced off on his mountain bike, and Ray, Ryan, Gus and Sadie enjoyed the kiddies playground/cycle track. I joined in a bit with the training group of Bron, Sara-Jayne, Janene, Ewen, Jennie, Ruth, Isaac, Jen, Brownie, Jason and Sandeep.


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