Saturday, 20 January 2018

How speedygeese training went this week

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Sunday 14 January long run report [Dave]: It was a slightly late start for the Speedygeese long run, thanks to Ewen trying 5 different carparking spots before achieving a sense of satisfaction and Ruth and Bron deciding to visit the ladies when we were ready to go. 🤣
With a cool, windy, slightly overcast morning, we set off from Mawson shops to Farrer ridge, Wanniassa Hills and Isaacs and return. The vast majority did not get lost, or so I was told, although I took a slight detour which took me 4 km off course. Apparently Mhairi gave directions at the top of Farrer Ridge, but all I heard was something like “gor slor doon the wee hool”, 🤔 and I thought she said she was going to the toilet so I sprinted down the hill as usual and that was the last I saw of the geese until the finish. It wasn’t completely unsociable though, as I caught up with Sammy, Peter Pommer and Matthew Hills along the way and also spotted Anthea Torres driving near Woden. 🙂
There was plenty of drama, with Pieta, Mhairi and Giles all taking a spill. Pieta seemed to come out the worst. 😱
Welcome to Kerry and James, who did their first Speedy Geese run today and both did 19km, with Kerry finishing at the front with Giles. Narelle, Graeme, Mike, Ruth, Jennie, William, Shuji, Mhairi, Jen and I completed around 20km. Brownie, Ewen, Pieta, Giles, John, Carlyne, Isaac, Bron and David did about 15k. Martin ran further than 20k. At the end a number of neurotic Strava runners did circles of the carpark to round up to a whole number.
Sammy did her own thing and joined us later for coffee at Fox & Bow in Farrer. Bob joined us during his bike ride. Jen disappeared and turned up at the coffee shop with several rug rats in tow.

Monday 15 January at Parliament House: 22 people were on hand at tonight’s training: 18 in relays. We ran 15 minutes of 3 person teams (Rose Gardens long course) and 10 minutes of 2 person teams (Rose Garden short course), with Tori, Jacob, Chloe, Kevin, Celina, Jen, Isaac, Andrew, Jack (new), Dan (new), Ruth, Jennie, Jinny, Sandeep, Pieta, Rae, Bron and Colin participating. I supervised and Dave ran randomly around. Also, Shane and Dom came and said hello.

Thursday 18 January at Stromlo Forest Park: It was a very hot evening and 9 people were at our training session. But heaps of other young, fit and fast people were also training there. We ran 500, 400, 2x300, 3x200, and 500 to finish off, with decent recoveries and water between each set. I supervised while attending were Benjamin (new), Bron, Colin, Isaac, Jing (new), Ke (new), Jennie and Tori.



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