Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Gosling Running Session at Stromlo Thursday

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An initiative by Thach:
"I'll be coming to Thursday's session this week but will be doing a session with my son and a couple of his friends. I'm happy to have other Goslings join us. My sessions tend to involve: warm up, technique drills, games/challenges and a final "longer" run for the older kids. Start around 5:30pm and finish when the kids have had enough."

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Queanbeyan parkrun - event of the year

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Congratulations to Vanessa, race director of the Queanbeyan parkrun. She and the team received the Australia Day award for event of the year, Queanbeyan region, 2017.

Monday, 29 January 2018

song of the week - My Own Prison

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An excellent track from Creed: an acoustic version of an early hit "My Own Prison".

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Today's long run

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.. another successful run by the speedygeese on a good day for it.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

parkrun pics from Ginninderra

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There are 428 photos at the Ginninderra parkrun FB page for today.
Some of the runners included the following speedygeese
5 Gavin Mongan 21:36 M35
21 David Baussmann 23:59 M65
22 Jane Lilley 24:01 W45
31 Molly Lilley 24:42 W11
35 Jennifer Kellett 24:54 W60
78 Janene Kingston 27:55 W50
79 Roger Pilkington 27:56 M55
81 Eliza Lilley 28:02 W11
120 Ruth Baussmann 30:25 W65

Here is a sample of the photos....

Bron 100

Breakaway Ruth

Friday, 26 January 2018

recent speedygeese training sessions

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Sunday 21 January long run report [Dave]:
Beautiful weather for a longish run at 7am this morning and a great flattish, shady course around Mt Ainslie and Mt Majura, chosen by Ewen, for the Speedygeese long run. Nobody got lost this time, despite Ewen’s minimalist pre-run briefing: “just run that way and turn around when you get to 8k” (which I don’t think anybody else heard anyway). 🤣
Twelve runners set off this morning, somewhat less than usual due to today’s Goulburn parkrun trial and yesterday’s Kowen Trail Races (congrats to all those who ran, especially Sarah-Jane who finished first female in the half marathon). 😱 😮
Almost everyone ended up doing the short version, despite the best intentions of some to do longer. Ewen, Jennie, Jen, Giles, Warrick, Pieta, Shiree, Fiona and I all did 16k. Brownie did a bit extra to finish with 19k. Sandeep did 17k and Ruth claimed she ran 17 with him, by manually adding one km to Strava, but we all know what that means. 😂 🤔
Coffee and breakfast (for some) was enjoyed at Poppy’s cafĂŠ.

Monday 22 January at Parliament House: 24 people training this evening in very warm conditions, overcast and muggy, no breeze at all. The session was 10 x normal 100m hills on 90, then from the top of the hill 5 x 200m descent+ascent on 2 mins. Participating were Colin, Isaac, Bernado (new), Kevin, Celina, Chloe, Jacob, Jane (new), Eliza (new), Molly (new), Kelley, Giles, Ruth, Warrick, Ewen, Jinny, Jen, Bron, Rae, Vanessa, Jennie, Craig while Dave jogged around nearby and I supervised.

Thursday 25 January at Stromlo Forest Park: many younger runners have joined us recently (see Monday's report above) and the youngest yet joined us this Thursday evening. A session of 3 x 1k with a 1k jog in between was enjoyed by Colin, Jen, Dave, Isaac, Bron, Sandeep, Jennie, Ruth, Ewen. In the vicinity were Janene doing a longer jog, Gregg riding nearby, Richard with Daniel (new! See photos below.), while I supervised, feeling flat.

Afterwards Tim Grainger invited us to attend an informal promotional photo shoot at the soon-to-be-launched Coombs parkrun venue. Photos by Tim:

Thursday, 25 January 2018

running down the mountain

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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Kathy Sims @ Oceania

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Kathy winner W65 5000m

Kathy second W65 800m

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

All the recent speedygeese race results

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YCRC Women’s Jogalong 6k 07 January
15. Nadine Morrison W45 29:49
34. Cathy Montalto W65 36:24
49. Thea Zimpel W35 69:11
58 finishers

Lake Tuggeranong Stakes 6k
16 January
6. Sandeep Chandra 29:24
7. Jennifer Bright 29:58
8. Roger Pilkington 33:30
11. Michael Thompson 29:57
12. Ewen Thompson 31:43
13. Warrick Howieson 32:01
14. Carolyne Kramar 42:59
21 finishers

AMRA Black Mountain Run-up 2.6k 16 January
7 Monika Holmwood 15.27
15 Louise Sharp 19.52
18 Bron Sparkes 22.51
20 Caroline Campbell 27.50
21 finishers

ACTMA track 18 January
M50 Nigel England 1:14.29

M50 Nigel England 5:28.35

M55 Peter Brown 11:57.06
M55 Roger Pilkington 14:31.56

Spiral 4
3 Kevin Chamberlain M70 7:57
6 Roger Pilkington M55 7:29
7 Nigel England M50 6:42
10 Ruth Baussmann W65 8:51
12 finishers

Customs 5k 19 January
1 Ewen Thompson 28:29
2 Roger Pilkington 28:30
8 Colin Farlow 20:34
11 Carolyne Kramar 35:54
12 Jacob Grooby 21:25
18 finishers

Burley Griffin 5k parkrun #85 20January
48 Craig Wurtz 22:12 M50
58 Kevin Miller 23:11 M40 **New PB**
95 Celina Miller 25:20 W35 **New PB**
322 finishers

Ginninderra 5k parkrun #297 20 January
18 William Barlow 21:08 M35
78 Jill Pearson 26:00 W60
132 Janene Kingston 28:44 W50
155 Brendan Belcher 30:34 M35
236 Gregg Berry 44:13 M60
282 finishers

Tuggeranong 5k parkrun #256 20 January
9 Nigel England 20:50 M50
24 David Clarke 22:19 M55
89 Ewen Thompson 26:51 M60
200 Carolyne Kramar 33:37 W50
216 Maya Smith 36:16 W10
217 Pieta Smith 36:16 W40
219 Andrew Smith 36:22 M45
220 Kobe Smith 36:24 M11
351 finishers

Gungahlin 5k parkrun #225 20 January
27 Nadine Morrison 22:05 W45
302 finishers

Queanbeyan 5k parkrun #38 20 January
17 Amanda Cook 25:33 W40
31 Vanessa Palmer 30:12 W45
83 finishers

Calamvale 5k parkrun #164 20 January
21 Bronwyn Calver 25:31 W45
181 finishers

Kowen Trail Run 20 January
Half marathon

11. Adrian Cengia 2:03:49
27. Giles Lamb 2:14:12
46. Sandeep Chandra 2:34:44
58. Bill Arthur 3:08:06
60 male finishers
1. Sarah-Jayne Miller 1:51:36
7. Michelle Wells 2:12:40
12. Shiree Yap 2:17:54
13. Louise Sharp 2:21:46
14. Jinny Lay 2:23:27
20. Kristy Primrose 2:33:55
28. Gabrielle Brown 2:47:25
44. Jennifer Kellett 2:59:14
63. Jennie Blake 3:21:08
66 female finishers
12 km run

26. David Baussmann 1:20:31
45 male finishers
26. Kerron Clare 1:32:38
47. Elizabeth Bennett 1:41:43
55. Ruth Baussmann 1:44:36
93 female finishers
1.5 km run

7 male finishers
10 female finishers

Monday, 22 January 2018

THIS is Bethel

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Song of the week: "King Of My Heart", by Bethel. This is surely my song of the year for 2018.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

THIS is a hill.

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Lots of photos on the Kowen Forest Trail FB page,

Saturday, 20 January 2018

How speedygeese training went this week

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Sunday 14 January long run report [Dave]: It was a slightly late start for the Speedygeese long run, thanks to Ewen trying 5 different carparking spots before achieving a sense of satisfaction and Ruth and Bron deciding to visit the ladies when we were ready to go. 🤣
With a cool, windy, slightly overcast morning, we set off from Mawson shops to Farrer ridge, Wanniassa Hills and Isaacs and return. The vast majority did not get lost, or so I was told, although I took a slight detour which took me 4 km off course. Apparently Mhairi gave directions at the top of Farrer Ridge, but all I heard was something like “gor slor doon the wee hool”, 🤔 and I thought she said she was going to the toilet so I sprinted down the hill as usual and that was the last I saw of the geese until the finish. It wasn’t completely unsociable though, as I caught up with Sammy, Peter Pommer and Matthew Hills along the way and also spotted Anthea Torres driving near Woden. 🙂
There was plenty of drama, with Pieta, Mhairi and Giles all taking a spill. Pieta seemed to come out the worst. 😱
Welcome to Kerry and James, who did their first Speedy Geese run today and both did 19km, with Kerry finishing at the front with Giles. Narelle, Graeme, Mike, Ruth, Jennie, William, Shuji, Mhairi, Jen and I completed around 20km. Brownie, Ewen, Pieta, Giles, John, Carlyne, Isaac, Bron and David did about 15k. Martin ran further than 20k. At the end a number of neurotic Strava runners did circles of the carpark to round up to a whole number.
Sammy did her own thing and joined us later for coffee at Fox & Bow in Farrer. Bob joined us during his bike ride. Jen disappeared and turned up at the coffee shop with several rug rats in tow.

Monday 15 January at Parliament House: 22 people were on hand at tonight’s training: 18 in relays. We ran 15 minutes of 3 person teams (Rose Gardens long course) and 10 minutes of 2 person teams (Rose Garden short course), with Tori, Jacob, Chloe, Kevin, Celina, Jen, Isaac, Andrew, Jack (new), Dan (new), Ruth, Jennie, Jinny, Sandeep, Pieta, Rae, Bron and Colin participating. I supervised and Dave ran randomly around. Also, Shane and Dom came and said hello.

Thursday 18 January at Stromlo Forest Park: It was a very hot evening and 9 people were at our training session. But heaps of other young, fit and fast people were also training there. We ran 500, 400, 2x300, 3x200, and 500 to finish off, with decent recoveries and water between each set. I supervised while attending were Benjamin (new), Bron, Colin, Isaac, Jing (new), Ke (new), Jennie and Tori.


Friday, 19 January 2018

Canberra Legend - author Brian Lenton

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These images of Brian and some of his publications have appeared on the net this week.
Only Brian could have persuaded the current Prime Minister to attend his book launch ("Through The Tape")

Thursday, 18 January 2018

the fall

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What happens on a Sunday morning if you're not fully alert?

I believe three people fell last Sunday. Take care folks on those very steep courses!

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

so many trails

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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

All the recent speedygeese race results

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Lake Tuggeranong Stakes 6k 09 January
6. Craig Wurtz 29:23
7. Roger Pilkington 32:21
8. Warrick Howieson 31:30
10. Carolyne Kramar 43:49
12. Michael Thompson 33:33
14. Ewen Thompson 37:59
18 finishers

BBQ Stakes 6k 10 January
11. Sandeep Chandra 32:01
13. Andrew Simpson 32:09
20. Bronwyn Calver 51:39
22. Caroline Campbell 39:44
29. William Barlow 30:50
32. Craig Wurtz 30:47
38. Roger Pilkington 38:05
47. Ewen Thompson 38:10
51. Carolyne Kramar 42:59
54 finishers

Customs 5k 12 January
6 Craig Wurtz 25:40
7 Roger Pilkington 29:46
8 Giles Lamb 22:58
11 Dom Sparkes 35:03
12 Bron Sparkes 35:05
13 Caroline Campbell 34:08
15 Jacob Grooby 22:06
17 Carolyne Kramar 37:08
19 Ewen Thompson 34:17
21 finishers

Burley Griffin 5k parkrun #84 13 January
30 Louise Sharp 21:16 W35
32 Gavin Mongan 21:22 M35
44 Craig Wurtz 22:36 M50
166 Jennie Blake 28:29 W60
171 Caroline Campbell 28:47 W75
175 Helen Way 28:57 W50
357 finishers

Ginninderra 5k parkrun #296 13 January
12 Jacob Miller 21:14 M11
24 Kevin Miller 22:53 M40
29 Andrew Simpson 23:20 M45
30 Nadine Morrison 23:21 W45
47 Chloe Miller 24:48 W11
54 Celina Miller 25:10 W35
74 Janene Kingston 26:46 W50
86 Geoff Moore 27:27 M65
98 Roger Pilkington 28:25 M55
245 finishers

Tuggeranong 5k parkrun #255 13 January
9 Nigel England 20:33 M50
11 David Clarke 21:22 M55
50 Ewen Thompson 24:35 M60
132 Andrew Smith 29:18 M45
357 finishers

Gungahlin 5k parkrun #224
13 January
25 Giles Lamb 20:44 M40
91 Chris Martin 25:46 M60
176 Margaret McSpadden 31:16 W70
187 William Arthur 32:00 M65
203 Carolyne Kramar 33:41 W50
323 finishers

Queanbeyan 5k parkrun #37
13 January
74 finishers

Batemans Bay 5k parkrun #89 13 January
25 Gabrielle Brown 25:42 W50
41 Victoria Hennig 28:09 W55
97 finishers

St Peters 5k parkrun #311 13 January
92 David Baussmann 24:19 M65
241 Ruth Baussmann 28:59 W65
452 finishers

Andrew at Ginninderra

Monday, 15 January 2018

It Is I

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Song of the week: "IT IS I", by Hungry, from “White Water Emotions”
This is from long ago.
Graeme - composer, vocals
My daughter Mon - keys, backing vocals
Euen - lead guitar
My son-in-law Wes - bass
Awesome Amanda - drums
Do you like the hungry cat I uploaded with the track.

Congratulations on recording a brilliant song.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

All the speedygeese at Ginninderra parkrun

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The start (Kevin)

Jacob (12th)

Kevin (24th)

Andrew (29th)

Nadine (30th)

Chloe (47th)

Celina (54th)

Janene (74th)

me (86th)

Roger (96th)

Andrew and Nadine


At the finish (245 finishers)

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Goulburn parkrun

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At :

The new Goulburn parkrun course, complete with a climb to the finish. And geese!

Launch date - 10 February 2018.

Friday, 12 January 2018

This week's speedygeese training sessions

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Sunday 07 January long run report [Dave]:
With a maximum of 40 degrees expected, it was an early start for the Speedygeese long run today. With perfect conditions around 15 degrees, the long run (19k) headed off from the war memorial at 6.30am. The shorter version (15k) started at 7.05 (as predicted by Ewen).
Sarah-Jane, Shuji, Jen, Giles, Mike, Jinny, and Sandeep did the long long run, with Giles and Sandeep running from home to the start. Ruth, Brownie, William, Dave B, Bron, Roger, Martin, Ewen and I did the short long Run. Carolyne and John S did a 10k.
Both courses followed a relatively flat trail clockwise around Mount Ainslie and part of Mt Majura, then incorporated some hills and returned to the war memorial. With two different start times and a wide range of speeds, it was a miracle that no one got seriously lost. 😂 🤣 Jacob was spotted racing past at different points.
Dave B came a cropper, just to add some interest. Fortunately we had our in-house medical practitioner on hand to render assistance. 😱
As I was recovering from yesterday’s tough racing and training, I took it easy (last in the pack, in fact) and turned back early, missing most of the fun. Jen kindly gave me the following details to add to the report. Not that I’m agreeing with everything she says, but in the interests of freedom of the press, it is posted here in full (with some editing).
“My famous words to Sandeep was “we have already done 300 elevation. Think the rest of the course is fairly flat” I honestly believed my own words! That was shortly before I screamed and scared the living daylights out of an innocent red belly black. I was impressed by both Martin’s medical aid and Dave Baussmann’s amazing recovery afterwards. Less impressed with Dave Clarke getting poor Brownie to turn back with him and do the short run, then proceeding to walk up the first slope in the first 200 metres. Resulting in Brownie running solo for the whole run. Don’t forget these details Dave - most important 🤣 🤣.. take heed anyone else. Dave’s Geriatric “run” is the equivalent of taking your 96 year old beryl with a walker frame with you. To be avoided at all costs”
And that’s it for the first long run of 2018. To make it easy to find out where the runs are held, we are now creating an “event” in Facebook each week. Don’t forget speedwork on Monday 5.30pm at Parliament House and Thursday 5.30pm at Mt Stromlo grass track.

Monday 8 January 23 present at Parliament House this evening: Bron, Vanessa, Rae, Celina, Chloe, Jacob, Kevin, Ruth, Jen, Isaac, Jennie, Colin, Ben, Brownie, Giles, Hayden, Kym, Sandeep, Lisa, Tori, Pieta, Jinnie, me supervising relays at the Rose Garden (short version). The speedygoslings in particular enjoyed the session.

Thursday 11 January at Stromlo Forest Park: Another excellent turn-out given how warm the day was, but a light westerly and a cloud cover brought considerably more pleasant conditions for training. The session was 5 of the 500m hill circuits on 6 minutes (approx). Participating were Ryan, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah-Jayne, Ruth, Jennie, Tori, Jen, Janene, Andrew, Dave, me a bit, Bron, Ewen, Thach, Brownie, Brendan, with a visit from Gregg on his bicycle.
Afterwards we celebrated Sandeep's 45th birthday in the usual way.