Saturday, 6 May 2017

ten mile attempt

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I set out for an "easy" 10 mile run this morning, the YCRC West Basin one. Planning on running 5:30s and breaking 90, I nearly broke 80. The first km was the slowest - 5:30 - and after that I averaged 5s. I am trending faster if you look at the last four attempts at this 10 mile event. Although of course I am now much slower than I was decades ago.

Before the start:

Sandeep's photo of me before the start.

It was cold - a longer warmup would have been good. And it poured with rain at one stage (around Scrivener) during the run.
I caught Sandeep at about 7k and ran with him for a few kilometres, then kept him in sight. I am please to report he broke the 80 minute barrier.
Experiment successful - the feet and legs are fine.


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