Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Speedygeese training

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Our last two Parliament House sessions were on...
Thursday 19 January, with Brendan Giles Isaac Jen Sandeep Jennie and me – 8 x 100 on 90; 6 x 100 on 80; some oval 200s, west side of Parliament House..

Monday 23 January, with Andy Dave Ewen me Giles Isaac Jen Mick Pieta Rae Ruth Sandeep Vanessa Warrick Tom Jenny Helen Celina Chloe and Kevin running a session of 12 x {200 fast, 100 slow} from the small west side oval at Parliament House, me supervising with very sore calf muscles after racing on Saturday.

Don’t forget we are meeting outside the Yarralumla Dog Park on Australia Day!

Long Sunday runners.


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