Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Hot day attendance record smashed at training

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 with 1 comment
This week's Parliament House speedygeese training sessions:
On Thursday 12th the training session consisted of very hot hill intervals. I was recovering from a doctors appointment so didn't go, and present were Dave, Ewen, Giles, Isaac, Jen, Nicole, Brownie, Ruth, Sandeep, Thea, Jennie, Celina, Chloe, Jacob, and Kevin (new).

I returned on Monday 16th, another very hot day with no respite from the sun, to put the runners through 20 minutes of relatively easy loops from the grass oval. During the session, some took advantage of the showers inside the toilet block there, to cool down. Participating were Andy, Colin, Ewen, Fiona, me, Isaac, Jen, Kym, Mick, Rae, Ruth, Sandeep, Susan, Vanessa, Warrick, Tom, Jennie, Jessica, Celina, Chloe, Jacob, Kevin, and Daniel. I am positive this is the most we have had, 23, on such a hot day.

After the session we decided we would have a fish and chips night on Monday 30th, down at the Yacht Club after training.

Meanwhile... Vanessa spent Sunday rock climbing...

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  1. Even on the hot days at North Lyneham I can't remember that many.