Friday, 10 January 2014

Multi Event Garry

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, January 10, 2014 with 2 comments
Garry may have won the M65 Pentathlon in the Oceania Championships yesterday. The results don't give the final scores and places, only listing individual events.
Long Jump 1 Maher, Garry M67 Australia 3.62m -0.7 479
Javelin 2 Maher, Garry M67 Australia 24.31m 413
200m 1 Maher, Garry M67 Australia 28.98 766
Discus 3 Maher, Garry M67 Australia 20.69m 349
1500m 1 Maher, Garry M67 Australia 6:20.00 642
Bendigo results are at

Today's races of interest will be the 400m with Garry & Geoff Sims running; The long hurdles with Garry (300m) again; and the 1500m with Caroline, Kathy and Robbie.

Back to the track!
I have my track mojo back and plan to run some short track races for a couple of months. The first shot at this was last night in the combined Junior-Senior-Veterans meet. My last 800m race was six years ago; and that was a one-off when I was roped into an M60 Australian relay record attempt (which was successful) and huffed and puffed to a 2:41. Last night I ran 2:54 for the 800m and I wasn't even last. 200m splits approx 43, 43, 45, 43. Then an hour later I trotted around a 3000m in ~12:47 with splits of 4:19, 4:16, 4:12. I wanted to test whether the gym work I have been doing is being effective in making me stronger and able to survive a faster pace without pain. This seems to be the case, I have only just resumed gym training but it has made a huge difference. And I wanted to see what the new track was like. On warm-up I gave it 5 out of 10, a bit disappointed that it wasn't soft. But my feet/calves/achilles didn't complain when I raced. The shoes I wore were fairly new lunar racers 3 which may have helped, and perhaps the track is OK after all. I am surprised at the times, particularly the 3000m so soon after the 800m, quite a bit faster than my current interval training times would have suggested. I am still not aerobically fit. I can get much faster. Lucky it wasn't hot though. Next week looks devastatingly hot for the one mile.

Lining up for the 3000m:


  1. That's a good first up double. Shame about the hard track.

  2. Fantastic result. Well done SG:)