Friday, 3 January 2014

For best results, plan and structure your training

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The Steve Magness blog, The Science of Running, which I discover had dropped off my blogroll but I have added back on today, makes interesting and informative reading. Steve emphasises the importance of a combination of long running with interval training, and periodicity in training, for anyone who wants to see on-going improvement in their distance running. In his latest post,, he argues against "random high intensity exercises and magic workouts", specifically having a shot at Crossfit and its claims. Of course there are other similar programs proliferating these days. I haven't minded Crossfit and the like because they get people up off the couch and get them moving. Some training is better than none. But it is well worth keeping in mind that if you want to see improvement in the medium to long term, and not just in the short term for people who previously have only jogged at best, there are options better than Crossfit. Experience and experimentation tells me that Steve's case is well proven. What do you think? I wonder what the next fad will be?

I tell people who interval train with me that they need to run long as well. Some don't.
I tell people who run long that they should integrate regular interval training into their program. Many don't.
The key is to combine the two.

MEANWHILE here I am cross-training at Winton on our FNQ outback tour last year...

... and Happy Birthday Mick C, 62 today, I predict we will all get one year older this year.


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