Wednesday, 18 September 2013

stepping up the pace

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Last seven days training sessions:
On Thursday 12 September at Kaleen, Margaret, Colin, Rod, Kathy, Ruth and I ran 3 x 1km. This is our final Kaleen session, the ovals are scheduled for maintenance and Vets track starts on Thursday 10 October.

Saturday 14 September at Acton Ferry Terminal Elspeth, Daisy and I ran a few km before I headed off to watch the grandson's footy final grand at Ainslie, which his team won.

On Sunday 15 September at Stromlo Forest Park, we ran 4 x 1km. Attending were Stewart, Jason, Andrew, Joel, Lucia, Kym and me.
My km times, the slowest of the group I might add, were 4:27, 4:18, 4:18, 4:14. This compares rather favourably with the times two weeks earlier: on 01 September I managed 4:28, 4:34, 4:41, and 4:36. Training in the last two weeks has included sessions of 20 minute step climbs on the machine at the gym, which I am certain has made a huge difference to my fitness and strength; I am amazed nobody else at the gym uses this machine, but that suits me just fine.

From next Sunday, 22 September and on, we will be meeting there an hour earlier, 7:00am. If that is too early for you, you could arrive later as the first 30 minutes is our warm-up.

On Monday 16 September it was back to Parliament House, despite unbroken rain which necessitated two changes of clothes for Jen and I who ran early. The main group consisting of Peter, Jen, Craig and Ruth ran east side 200m (up-slope) x 12, jogging back, in the wet, and I ran some of them too. Assuming drier conditions next week, we will head back to the hills.

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  1. If 4:18s are the slowest, I need to recruit slower runners. Lucky I know the course - wouldn't be able to keep Kym and Lucia in sight!