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It's another record for the pupil

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Speedygeese race results
Wednesday 4 September BBQ Stakes 6k Handicap
Times not recorded; Kerrie Tanner, Helen Larmour, Caroline Campbell ran
59 finishers

Wednesday 11 September BBQ Stakes 6k Handicap
Times not recorded; Jennifer Bright, Kerrie Tanner, Caroline Campbell ran
60 finishers

Wednesday 18 September BBQ Stakes 6k Handicap
25. Caroline Campbell 37:09
29. Jennifer Bright 26:26
40. Kerrie Tanner 52:56
55 finishers

Friday 20 September Customs 5k Handicap
Peter Burke 20:37
Geoff Moore 23:12
Bronwyn Calver 23:54
Caroline Campbell 30:40

Saturday 21 September Ginninderra Parkrun #74
54 Jill PEARSON 26:12 W55
81 Margaret MCSPADDEN 28:46 W65
139 finishers

Saturday 21 September Tuggeranong Parkrun #31
134 finishers

Saturday 21 September Centenary 100k
15th – Craig Davis 2:28.08 for leg #4
46th – Cathy Montalto 2:47.34 for leg #1
53rd – Jen Bright 2:29.15 for leg #3
The placings are for teams + individuals combined.

Sunday 22 September Sydney Half Marathon
Ewen Thompson 1:52.27

Way back when:
I coached Kevin Chamberlain to quite a few M50 and M55 ACT records, mainly over 800m and 1500m,  It was a very rare occasion when I beat him in a race over those distances

From March 2003 Vetrunner - 
"It's another record for the pupil".
Above left, is the teacher, Geoff Moore, leading by example in a heat of the 800m at the track. Behind Geoff is Kevin Chamberlain, also in Geoff's training group. [In fact it was a 1500m]
For interest, in the 1500m I ran 5:10.0 that day, and Kevin 5:10.3.

"Above right, is Geoff's pupil, Maureen Rossiter, who has been doing a fair bit of strengthening work with Geoff.
"She has also been with Roger Stewart in his sprint training classes which has improved her performances so well that she has broken W50 records in both the 400 and 800m."

The headline about records referred to Maureen. 

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  1. If you can beat Kevin at his favourite event you're running well. See you're coming into good form - getting the better of Bron at Customs.