Thursday, 5 September 2013

10:30am gym CIT

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If you read my training diary (which at least one person does) you will see new entries this week for "gym CIT". I am planning to attend three times each week, in addition to a supervised class at Kippax, and of course all my normal running training. Other cross training is not possible as while I love swimming, swimming does not love me; and cycling is something I have never attempted and think it too late to start now thank you very much.

So, what do I do when I attend the CIT gym?
1. 20 minutes on the hill climber
2. 20 minutes doing easy leg and upper body exercises with weights
3. 20 minutes of stretches, ab work, and balance work.

For example this morning
1. I spent 20 minutes at level 9 manual setting working up to heart-rate 120bpm on the climber, a machine which no-one else seems to use, listening to a random selection of my favourite songs on my Galaxy S4.

2. Then I did a few exercises on the machines, with smallish weights
3 x 12 x leg press
3 x 12 x seated chest press
3 x 12 x lat pull-downs to chest narrow arms
3 x 12 x horizontal pull-throughs

3. Then in the floor area
3 x 12 x lunges
3 x 12 x crunches
3 x 12 x two other core exercises exercises hard to describe!
plus hamstring stretches and glute stretches
plus several balancing exercises on the bosu ball

I will not necessarily do the identical exercises each visit. But I will do what I think I need.

Footnote: Form is important.
How not to exercise at the gym...

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  1. Are you enjoying your gym work? Do you think it will make a short/medium/long term difference to your running?