Thursday, 11 July 2013

photographic evidence

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, July 11, 2013 with 10 comments
Speedygeese results BBQ Stakes 6k Wednesday 3 July
7. Jennifer Bright 25:52
32. Andrew Matthews 28:00
55 finishers

Speedygeese results Customs 5k Friday 5 July
Jennifer Bright 22:02 after "getting lost".
Bronwyn Calver 23:00

Pictures from the Mount Ainslie Vets Handicap


 Ewen pursuing Robyn




Photographic evidence that Ruth did walk the 10k. A couple more like this and she should have a good handicap, eh?


  1. Lost? Does that mean she took a short-cut?

    "Pursuing" is a laugh. We started on the same group then she left me for dead.

    1. Must...try...harder. Must...catch...girl.

  2. All I can say is that tragically my garmin states I ran the first 5k at customs as per the following: 3:48, 4:14.4:12,4:02 and 4:02 being a grand total of 20:18 my best 5 k ever then the course was very unclear - weaving through nets... got lost and garmin had me well over 300 metre over... now I have a dodgy ankle... maybe I should dabble in something else like rowing ewen cause running just aint working.. syncronised swimming, fly fishing.. scrapbooking... oh well beat andy's pb on the bbq stakes - two weeks in a row... may need to change my bucket list... drop off the 5k dream

    1. Take a deep breath and relax J. Today is anther day. And in a couple of weeks school holidays will be over.

    2. *another*. I swear I didn't hit "publish".

    3. Jen, you're too uncoordinated for synchronised swimming.

      Good time. Shame about the course. Try the track 5000 - even Ruth & Andy don't get lost there. Only mistake you can make is running a lap short - like Miriam did once. Still time for 20:13 in 2013.

    4. Good Customs PB for Jen today - I think 20:13 for 5,021.867 metres or thereabouts. Should be good for sub-20 on a certified 5k course (the track) come summer.

    5. 20.30 she says. Just a matter of time before an official sub 20.

  3. Just noticed Janene checking her pulse. Hope she's okay.

  4. That was one of my last runs for quite some time, a bit of pulse testing was warranted ;-)