Thursday, 17 January 2013

under smoky skies

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, January 17, 2013 with 3 comments
YCRC - Major Changes to the Winter Series
Due to declining numbers at our Winter Series Events, the club has decided to try a new format for the first half of the Winter Series, from Apr 27 to July 6.  During this period, all races will be held on Saturday mornings at Stromlo Forest Park, as per the timetable below.  The race format is particularly designed to prepare school kids for the school cross-country championships, though there are 3 & 5k events for adults too.  For the remainder of the Winter Season, races will return to the usual venues and times (noon - 1pm). If the Stromlo venue is unavailable for any of these dates, the race will be moved to Yarralumla oval.  

The exception to this is the weekend of May 18-19, when the club will hold its annual Half Marathon weekend at the usual venue of Lennox Gardens.

If you have any comments on this proposed format, please let the club know by sending an email to:

Distance/Age Groups
2k Primary School Children
3k High School up 14 years
5k High School/College above 14 years
Parents and adults 3k
YCRC Club 5k


Track events tonight
6:15pm 3000m
6:35pm short hurdles
7:15pm 100m
7:30pm 1500m
7:45pm 400m
8:00pm 4x200m
8:20pm spiral 4

I think my next track race over 3000m will take place when the temperature is less than 25 degrees.

Training at Stromlo under smoky skies

Let's hope there is no smoke tonight at the track.
The YCRC events look good, even though this heat will give way to chilly winter temperatures on Saturday mornings by July.
But I would sooner run in the cold than in the heat. 


  1. Same here. Even by the time of the spiral it'll still be over 30.

  2. It wasn't too bad at track. There was a little breeze later! I didn't run the 3000m at 6.15pm though. It was still fiercely sunny then!

    1. At least it was cooler for the novelty events last night.