Sunday, 1 July 2012

six month reset

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A week of active rest is scheduled for me now. Whether I break my streak and walk distances every day, or whether I continue my streak with a string of jogettes, is yet to be seen. So, the streak is now six months running, 184 days, a minimum of 4k running outdoors every day, with another jogette due tomorrow morning to make 185. Will that be it?

Gold Coast Marathon result - Craig Davis 3:49.20

Photos from Vets Handicap, Mt Ainslie, 24 June

 Short course winners Brett, Jill (gold) and Gary with 100 tee shirt winner Cathy waiting in the wings.

Jill in full flight

 Cathy and Brett


Long course of course

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  1. Great run from Craig. I missed him even though I was looking out for every blue shirt coming into the finish.