Sunday, 15 July 2012


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Speedygeese results YCRC 5k Stromlo Forest Park - just me.
15 Geoff Moore M60 21:23
26 finishers
Splits were about 10:30 & 10.50. I didn't go particularly hard, the ground was soggy, the wind was strong, and parts of the course were roped off. So all in all I am happy with that, for now. My best race since April's 50k.

I think I will try for some faster 5k races soon. That means doing some race pace work. Kilometre intervals on Wednesdays is the plan. As well as rebuilding to 100k weeks, with Saturdays the longest day, and Tuesdays the next longest.

One revises and refines ones plans continuously to respond to how everything is going. It is going well, and there is always room for improvement.

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  1. I thought the grass would be soggy, hence a long run in lieu. Looks like you cruised the second lap - usually you negative split, so if you'd raced hard, maybe 10:25, 10:15 (?) which would have put you just behind Jodie.