Tuesday, 10 July 2012


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My old coach used to talk about "tidal breathing" as he called it - using the (thoracic) diaphragm (διάφραγμα) to ensure that the greatest volume of oxygen could enter the lungs. He emphasised the exhalation stage rather than inhalation, the importance of emptying the lungs before inhaling to make room for what was to be inhaled. I remembered this when running along Joseph Street, Lidcombe, Sydney last week as I found myself trying to breathe out rather than breathing in the somewhat polluted Sydney air, and discovered that the longer I exhaled the more air I was getting in when I had to inhale. It is good to rediscover old truths.

In Sydney I ran every day and the streak persists - today will be day 193. Hope you are the same. Keeping the planned training going, I mean. Here are two of my Sydney runs:

As icy as it has been, it is good to come home to the clean Canberra air.

Speedygeese results 30 June Symonston 9k
Caroline 53.32.

1 July Jogalong 6k
Cathy 32.25,
Caroline 35.14,
Thea 35.27.

Song of the week: Winter Winds, by Mumford & Sons. I have tickets to their Canberra concert! They sold out the day they were released, no extra concerts, not here anyway.
From http://youtu.be/_KCg_QEHtkY


  1. You should have jumped the fence and run on the golf course in that second one.

    Caroline's a bloody good runner - beating someone half her age!

  2. No worries, I will cross the six lane highway and climb the six foot dingo fence, on my return there next year.