Saturday, 7 July 2012

Active Rest Day #6. Honesty and deception

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An interesting article about honesty, deception, and specificity. In other words, training at race pace and race distances too.

If you’re running the marathon you need to be honest that you’re going to have to burn lipids. So if the longest run you’ve done is 17 miles, you’re deceiving yourself if you think you’ve taught your body to use lipids (and conserve CHO). But as my college track coach is fond of saying, “Never underestimate the human capacity for self deception.”

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OK then, honesty - I train as fast as I can without compromising a proper recovery so that I can run another day. That's rarely close to race pace. Even when I was young (30) I had to slow my longer training runs to something slower than race pace so I could complete them. But I still tried to run them fast, if that makes sense.

So as I get back into a running streak, I will try to eliminate any just-jogging-along kilometres.

Keeping up with the times

No cats train slower than they race.

I AM a cat, you know.

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  1. Good article Geoff. I recall reading that one.