Wednesday, 25 April 2012


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One cannot progress without a plan. I would like to get strong enough to be able to complete ten chin-ups in a row. But I do reverse chin-ups - i.e. gripping with palms towards me - and I would also like to do ten normal-grip chin-ups - palms facing away - but right now the shoulders don't like it. So my strategy will be, practise three times per week for the rest of this year, progress from 3 to 10 reverse chin-ups over the next 8 months, see a chiropractor about my upper back and shoulders, progress from 1 to 10 normal chin-ups in the next 8 months, do other strength work in the gym twice a week, and keep the low (62kg) bodyweight I have currently.

Training last night under lights at Dickson Oval: Justine, Craig & I ran early (13.5k) then a group of runners, Alain, Colin, Craig, Jennifer, Kathie (new), Miranda, Ruth, Susan, Suzie, Tony & Yelena ran a set of four x 1.1km on ten minutes. Pretty tough going, we haven't quite adapted to the cold, and the nice thick grass could do with a mow.

The early run at Dickson

Clockwise. This is the "official" course for our early run. We start at 4:00pm sharp in order to get back by about 5:20pm ready for the main session.

not impressed


  1. Looks like a good course. I might make it out there if I ever finish work early on a Thursday.

    Re Reprise 'energy' - they didn't even move! I was expecting a hurdle of the gate at least!

  2. palms facing towards you = chin ups
    palms facing away from you = pull ups

    chin ups works biceps more and are easier
    pull ups use less biceps/more lats and are harder