Wednesday, 11 April 2012

and you thought Canberra was cold!

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Roger in Finland (via

We thought it was the World Masters Indoor Championships but a couple of events were outdoors! Roger didn't run the 8k cross country so was able to take this photo at the 3k mark.

Roger's results
800m 2:40
3000m 12:24
1500m 6:07
Half Marathon 1:42.31.
See Roger’s blog for his reports

Our winter training plan
The decision has been made: it has turned out we cannot use a couple of the ovals we had hoped to use, other groups have actually booked them and are likely to be there most weeks! So we revert to a plan which seemed the most likely when we started thinking about it.

Monday will be a "rest day" this winter
Tuesday training at Dickson commences 17 April
Thursday training at Parliament House commences 19 April
Long runs continue at Acton Ferry Terminal Saturdays from 21 April
There will be one Sunday session at Stromlo Forest Park on 22 April. (The next Sunday session there should be 13 May)

The main sessions on Tuesday and Thursday will start at 5:30pm at their respective venues.
Saturday, and Sunday when on, will start at 8:00am.

Parking Fail

Everything is good about Parliament House - except occasionally the parking!

And, Happy Birthday Abi, 32 today!


  1. Rog missed a great opportunity there - guess he didn't want to pack his Yak Trax.

    The Merc driver was being generous - he left room for a large motorcycle!

  2. Happy birthday to the gorgeous Abi - about to blitz her first half marathon!