Thursday, 15 December 2011

How often should you run?

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, December 15, 2011 with 4 comments
Years ago, before I took up marathons, I remember adding early morning runs to my already busy running schedule. My cross country times improved markedly. I used to have about five or six running sessions each week and this grew to twelve, consistently, a I prepared for and raced marathons.

"" published an interesting article entitled "How often should you run?"
"The recommended range is three to 14 times per week. Here’s how to choose the right number for you..." (continued at this link)

It’s tricky though when you do other activities as well as running. For instance, the minimum training for a serious triathlete might be three swims (e.g. a form and drills day, a hard interval day, and a long day) three runs (e.g. a hill sprint day, a long interval day, and a long run day), three bike rides (one of them very long), plus gym work and stretching, all in one week, while scheduling one easy rest or recovery day. Twelve sessions a week seems quite reasonable when you factor in cross training and supplementary training. Worth thinking about as we plan our training patterns into the new year. Do have that one rest day though.

My goals for 2012 should probably be no harder than my goals for 2011. 2012 goals will include:

  • Run my first (and last) 50k ultra in April 2012
  • Turn 64 in May 2012
  • Run a 5000m in 20:12 sometime in 2012
  • Total kms for 2012 20.12 x 200 = 4024km
  • Run a Half Marathon in my PB (70:06) + 20:12 = 90:18 sometime in 2012
There, that looks achievable.

When the rivers ran

North Canberra flooding a few days ago. Half way through December and we haven't had a day with a maximum temperature anywhere near the December average. Nice for running!

Thank you everyone for your warmest wishes. Warmest wishes to you for Christmas as well. Make the most of the cool, because the days will warm up all too soon.


  1. Running the exact 20:12 for 5k will be hard. No cheating! Don't want you slowing down the last 50m and walking over the line while watching the clock.

    Interesting article. Wish I had time to cross-train (especially plyos). I'll have to stay in the middle of that recommended range.

  2. I'm going to be a little less stringent with my 20:12 and go with either 20:12 or quicker as the goal for 2012 :o). If I didn't have such horrible sleep patterns, I'd be all for 10-12 running sessions a week. Alas, morning running and I just don't agree, so my upper distance limit will be 70 miles (112K) per week.

  3. We should be able to reach all our targets in 2012. After all, it is a leap year, so we will have an extra day to achieve them.

  4. Excellent! I'll use that day as an extra tapering day prior to the Vets' 5000m Championships.