Friday, 9 December 2011

movement off the seam

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Coast2Kosci live: As I prepare this post they should be nearly at the first checkpoint, only 50k!

Happy Birthday Yelena, 30 years old today at last! I have selected a cake for you which is vaguely South American?

Track last night: Kathy Sims took more than 30 seconds off the W60 ACT record for the one mile, running somewhat faster than her W55 mile record in the process. Meanwhile Kathy Southgate broke the W55 one mile record by more than 30 seconds, which had been held by Kathy. In the 10k Katie and Helen had great runs, while I was unsuccessful in my attempt to run a reasonable time. I put my poor performance down to a serious foot strain sustained last weekend; while it hasn't been hurting too much since Monday night, it obviously hasn't healed..

Today is the last day to RSVP for Belluci's: see older posts for details. There are 17 acceptances with 5 more unsure.

Clarke & Dawe: With "Wayne Manger".

Warning. Contains mention of the European currency. Parental guidance recommended...

Thought for the day (for the C2K runners)

Now to watch the cricket.


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