Tuesday, 19 July 2011

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A Tale of Three Emmas

Training at Parliament House last night
Nadine & Craig did the early run – headed west for the usual 8km run to the wharf with a bit extra at the end. At 5:30 they were joined by Dave; Neil; Ruth; Colin; Yelena; Mick C; Andy; Warrick & Garry.

They did the usual warm up loop and then the plan was to do 12 continuous laps of the Rose Garden – 200m hard / 200m recovery. Most did the 12; Colin did 14 and a few people did 11. Nadine did her planned shorter, flatter runs. Everyone looked like they were working hard.

Ended with the usual cool down lap. A nice night – a bit cold but not too bad and we were sheltered from the breeze in the rose garden.

Report by Craig

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  1. What a terrific rejig of your site.

  2. It does look good except for the pink which is my least favourite colour. I'll try not to hold it against you ;-)