Friday, 31 December 2010

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Candid Canberra #37. No room under the bridge.

It has been a year of unusual rain. Drought broken, dams full, rivers overflowing, grass long, fields green. But subsequently very hot weather has arrived, just in time for the new year. Logic says we will now see a period of disastrous fires. Let's hope the mowers can get into action to prevent this.

Candid Canberra #38. Summer sunrise.

It's a new year tomorrow. Let's hope and pray and work towards a better and brighter 2011. I know some of you are hanging out for that. Me, I am full of expectation.

My new year resolutions, or rather, my plans for 2011, include:

JanuaryBuild fairly quickly to 100k per week
Add in two exercise circuits each week
FebruaryAdd in two gym sessions each week
April Shed one key responsibilty
May Turn 63
December End up with over 4,000 km for the year

Just for interest:

20082009 2010
DISTANCE RUN4.095 km3,271 km 2,211 km
APPROX WEIGHT 65 kg67 kg 68 kg

My weight was down to 64 in mid-2010 but then the hamstring injury happened. So other goals would include (a) weight in the low 60's by the end of the year, and (b) don't get injured!

May all your resolutions be achievable, and achieved, in 2011!


  1. Heh, welcome to the 68 club. Race you to 70!