Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sydney marathon

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, September 19, 2010 with 6 comments
Marathon: 1,017th Craig Davis 3:49.02. 113th in the M40s!

Half Marathon: 2,327th Bronwyn Calver 1:54.30. 45th in the W40s.

In the marathon, Norma Wallett ran 5:26.24. Pretty good for a W75!


  1. Excellent work Craig and Bronwyn :-)

  2. Well done Craig and Bron. 3:49 is a solid debut Craig.

    Norma is a W80 now ;) Pretty sure she's still a member, so that would be an ACT record. Also an Aussie Record!

  3. About time these races had a W80 category then!

  4. YAY - Well done Craig, Bron and Norma. Norma is in fact 81 now. She is such a legend! Annoying if they classed her as W75.

  5. Well done Norma. That should be recognised as a Vets Record.

    It should be a headline in the next Vets magazine. Perhaps even with a full front page cover photo.

  6. Norma was the only W75+! She did win!