Friday, 10 September 2010


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No gym for me today - I went, looked at the circuit that was set up there, and decided my hamstring wouldn't survive the exercises.

Last night at Dickson, and it is going to be the last night until April 2011, Craig ran early; I turned up later and shuffled around the track but for me it wasn't going to happen. Warrick turned up & didn't run either; no size ten shoes! Rain started very gently at six-ish but by then we had started training; three relay teams of of three running 12 x 220m each. Running were Bronwyn, Colleen, Craig, Jodie, Nadine, Neil, Ruth, Susan & Yelena. Joel after a bit longer warm-up ran some 100m run-throughs. By the time we finished, (a) we were soaked, (b) we outnumbered the Bilbys three to one, and (c) we learned that Dickson track was to be closed immediately so we would have to find another venue.

Only five weeks to track at the AIS; in the interim we will meet at Parliament House on Thursdays as well as Mondays. My plan is to do the same as Mondays and meet at 4:30pm for an early 8k run.

There might have been rain last night but it was fine and sunny for the Vets handicap last month at Mt Taylor.

let my feet hit the ground, running, woh-oh-oh-oh

Neil, Maria

so far so good. now let's conquer this hill.


  1. Why are they closing Dickson? Do we know what the Bilby's will be using as a replacement?

  2. Dickson is closed to "settle" for a couple of weeks before it is dug up and a new irrigation system plus underground storage tanks installed. I have a copy of a letter dated 17 June advising of this, so it is not a surprise. Gary runs at Southwell Park on Tuesdays but there is no marked track there and Gary thought there may not be lights there Thursdays either. He is going to run up the middle of Anzac Parade Thursday nights. That's alright for his group but most of us already do that sort of thing quite often and are looking for something with a bit more variability. I thought it simpler to advertise Parliament House, it is familiar for everybody. I did consider Stromlo, but the consensus is that Stromlo is a bit far away for some people and it would be dark on some nights. I considered other venues but all seem to have some drawback or other.

  3. Wasn't the best night for a track session. We need to push for a 200m indoor track around the Parly House carpark!

  4. Oh dear - looks like I'm about to hit the ground, not just my feet - lol! Hey, but at least I'm smiling!!