Thursday, 7 January 2010

We thought you was a toad

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, January 07, 2010 with 3 comments

I have been listening to ABC 666 radio because my old friend Peter J Casey is on mornings this week. And he is very entertaining. He was challenging us to identify movie quotes. The "toad" line quoted by Peter this morning is one of many many funny lines from the brilliant Coens' movie "O Brother Where Art Thou?" My connections with Peter include (a) I used to work with both his parents (way back when I worked). Lovely people. I remember I bought a car off them once! (b) Peter was at the Canberra School of Music when my son was, both doing Jazz (Peter voice, Nathan keys) and worked together at times, e.g. both appeared on a CD they put down, "Mind Behind the Sky" I think it was called, with a jazz ensemble "The Throbs". He was a naughty boy even back then. (c) Much later Peter moved in next door to us, for a couple of years, he and his partner were the best neighbours. (d) And of course we have seen a show or two he has been in over the years, he is a talented cabaret writer and artist.

I was going to ask Melanie if she knew him, but given that they were on 666 together this morning, the answer is "yes"!

At the speedygeese Christmas dinner; guests Paul and Susan with Melanie

When you see Melanie next ask her if Canberra is still midway between Melbourne and Sydney. If you heard her on 666 this morning you will understand, it's a funny story!


  1. But .. Canberra is half way between Melbourne and Sydney, isn't it? ;-) Or is that half way between Brisbane and Melbourne ....... I love listening to 666 in the mornings, what a great radio frequency ;-). Yes and wine does indeed keep one very lean ......

  2. Yes, Peter's good. Up there with Alex as one of my favourites.

    And Canberra is halfway between Sydney and Melbourne - if 'halfway' is 700ks long. Must have been a fun trip when Mel decided to duck down to Melbourne for the day ;)